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By mcelwain ·
Why doesn't Windows XP System Restore work on my two year old laptop or five year old desktop? I've selected every restore point highlighted and get the same result! Furthermore, neither computer will restore to a self created restore point. What gives?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to System Restore

You've most likely picked up some form of infection that has disabled this function. if you don't already have an AV Scanner and Mal Ware Scanners download and up date them now and then reboot into Safe Mode and run AV and Mal Ware scans. If you pick up any infections run the scan again till the system comes up clean.

While this might not allow you to use any previously created Restore Points it should allow you to use any new ones that you make.

If you don't have any of the above you can find free copies at at the following URL's


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by spadedmatrix In reply to System Restore

I agree that it is possible that you have corrupt restore points, however you may want to try this on for size. This solution requires accessing the "system volume information" folder then replacing your registry with one saved in a restore "snapshot".

1. Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
2. Make sure that you are in the root folder of the partition for which you want to gain access to the System Volume Information folder. For example, to gain access the C:\System Volume Information folder, make sure that you are in the root folder of drive C (at a "C:\" prompt).
3. Type the following line, and then press ENTER:
cacls "driveletter:\System Volume Information" /E /G username:F
Make sure to type the quotation marks as indicated. This command adds the specified user to the folder with Full Control permissions.
4. Double-click the System Volume Information folder in the root folder to open it.
5. If you need to remove the permissions after troubleshooting, type the following line at a command prompt:
cacls "driveletter:\System Volume Information" /E /R username

Now that you have access open c:\system volume information\_restoreXX(whichever restore point you wanted)\snapshot. Copy each of the _Registry_Machine_YY(YY=system, software, default, sam, and security) files to a backup in c:\windows\system32\config renaming each to "YY".bak where YY is the files name. Boot to a recovery console and once in copy each YY.bak to YY replacing the old file then reboot.

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