System Restore Failed now no display

By dldm89 ·
Please help. Before I start buying replacement parts for my PC I wanted to ask if anyone can assist. I was attempting to perform a system restore which failed, pc kept rebooting then error would pop up then shut down, after 40 mins of whatching this. I shut the PC down, when I rebooted I had no display and now I have no "eyes" to see what is going on.
Any one have suggestions on how to repair this, other that begin replacing motherboard and graphics card?

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Video Card

by patb071 In reply to System Restore Failed now ...

If you have a spare monitor i would start there. If not i would say video card.

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Basic recheck.

by 1bn0 In reply to System Restore Failed now ...

Disconnect all of the drives. HDD,CD/DVD, USB, floppy, etc.

Reseat the video card. Make sure the video cable is properly connected.
Reseat the memory chips.
Check the CPU fan for dust/dirt
Check the video fan , if it has one for dust/dirt. Clean the fans if necessary.

Try booting the computer. If it boots , start reconnecting the drives.
If it does not boot, then it is could be the Motherboard, Video card , Memory or Power Supply problem.

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Check your system...

by bowoow In reply to System Restore Failed now ...

Well, first of all when you turn on the PC do you see the BIOS??? Second, if your PC is very dusty I would try to clean it... Third, if you able to see the BIOS than I would say you will need to rebuild the OS... If you are unable to see the BIOS I would check to make sure you select the right input on the monitor display... If none of the above work you will need to get a new display card...

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Check beep codes

by dpalsen In reply to System Restore Failed now ...

Most every motherboard on the market has a set of "beep codes" that will tell you what's wrong if the system won't POST. Listen, then type those into a search engine, probably with the PC model (motherboard model if you know it), and see what comes up! Also, look at the back, and see if it has diagnostic lights. These do much the same thing.

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