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system restore fix or return to original application issues

By osbert50 ·
Rather than going into details;I am looking at sys restore as an option.I continue to get prompts re-sych sys clock from MS to debug.Most of the errors are to application;with last being the sys clock.The only changes I made recently was changing pdf readers Adobe Reader to Foxit reader;the reason was update mgr conflict.I would like to fix the problems myself without the sys restore however am not that experienced.Can I do it or not? I use xp home. thanks jerry

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Yes you can but it's not something to attempt lightly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to system restore fix or ret ...

It's easier to try the System Restore option first and then if that doesn't solve your problem you can then start looking at some different things.

The Most Obvious is to Edit the Registry and this is defiantly something that should never be attempted by someone who doesn't know exactly what it is that they are doing. If you make a mistake you can totally trash the OS and need to reinstall from scratch.

Do you have some form of Virus Protection running and is it up to date? Also do you regally scan the system for Malware and remove it whenever you find any?

If the answer to either of the above is no you need to have a AV program install and running all the time and some Spy Ware or Malware Programs installed so you can regularly check & clean the system.

For an AV program this will do nicely

And for Spy Ware programs these are available and fairly easy to use

Download these 3 programs and install them reboot as required and then Update.

After all 3 programs are updated you can run a Virus Scan in Normal Mode and scan Windows for infections and remove whatever you may have picked up along the way.

For Spy Ware you need to Boot into Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key between POST and Windows Starting. You will be presented with a list of options to start Windows in chose Safe Mode not Safe Mode with Networking and start the computer in Safe Mode then run the Lava soft Scan and remove anything that is found. Once this has been done rerun the scan to make sure that you have actually removed what you think you have and also to make sure that there is nothing else hiding under the existing problems that you've picked up. Keep running the scan till it comes up as clean or you can not remove some Infections. Then open Spy Bot S & D and run a scan over the system with that. You need to be careful here as it can pickup programs that you may be using things like Windows Defender and some On Line Banking Programs so if you see something that you are using untick it and then remove the rest. Rerun the scan again to make sure that you have actually cleaned up any infections that you tried to remove and to also make sure that there is nothing else hiding there and then once you have things clean you can reboot the machine into Normal Mode.

NB Safe Mode does not mean that it is safe to run the system connected to the Internet or a LAN as there are only a minimal set of drivers & programs running so you risk infecting the computer if you connect to the Internet or a Local Area Network. Safe Mode is only for doing repair work on Windows.

You can also install Crap Cleaner available here

As it's a very effective utility to clean up rubbish that gets built up on the system.


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System restore.................

by osbert50 In reply to Yes you can but it's not ...

Hal 9000;as usual your there with the answers;greatknowing your out there.I did restore system;and yes registry is not for the "weak minded".I have nav pre-loaded when I got the system.I have used all the pgms previous to this pc.they are good pgms;Probably more pc time;more reading;less attempts to fix something until I know what needs fixing.Support is a great thing;builds confidence.Thanks jerry

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You're welcome

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to System restore........... ...

We aim to confuse if possible with too much information.


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if u get the problem after the restore?

by Naw-yi In reply to System restore........... ...

your battery, also could be goin bad. if u get the same problem after u install a new battery,its a bad mb

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system restore.....

by osbert50 In reply to if u get the problem afte ...

I booted up the system this morning and was(as usual prompted by the NAV "slide up" window;telling me the status of security scans.The prompt window did not close but rather "hung"there in a decending manner;creating several windows inside the original.Not knowing what this is.I suspect it has something to do with fps;gpu;Ms hardware;application issues.;the software installs;flight sims;the one has very high quaility graghics using over 13000 mbs of resource;the other about 3000mb;as shown in the pgm;control panel.The 1 warning I recieved in my system event log indicated there was a "warning";referring to the MS Visual C++ debug library;reading:"c\pgm\files\internet explorer\explore exe. Damage:after normal block(#38)@0x01c83DF8.This msg. occurred when visiting a website.As mentioned before there have been other issues with this pc over the last few days;and seems to have originated when/after;I mistakingly downloaded the boot up disc to my h/d (since removed);software fsx reinstalled;the origin or checkpoint from these issues is when adobe Reader ver7 conflicted with the update mgr."promp saying "update needs installing;when in fact the update had been completed.Here again I uninstalled adobe reader and used another pdf reader for a while;returning to adobe reader 7;using adobe agan.So along with the "NAV prompt"this morning I recieved an "update mgr" prompt telling me installs are ready to install;no error;just the update reminder.So looking to the past as a good indicator where this "poor health" has origins.I first say the pc worked fine since purchased in Nov/06.;using flight sims;other games with just as large a content;lots of resource used at that time.No problem with pgm applications.The system was stable;with the upgraded v/card.Now;this model HP m7680n was upgraded from the previous m7580 model because of failed hardware in the 7580.The first 7580 I had the h/d failed after about 2 wks;the replacement 7580 m/b failed and the decision to upgrade was reached;wth the upgraded gpu 7950.I believe this product to be sound;and respect the fact;parts fail.I am under warrenty with HP until nov/07;so there is some period of "grace" here.I usually document all activity on this pc and have with the other 2 in the past."almost sounds like I do this for a living;not really ;I just want to run my pgms with a stable pc;that's all.An IT/data pgm specialist that works on network systems for the govt. has agreed to assist me with diagnose /instruction on problem resolve. Question: can running flight sim at custom graphic settings affect the o/s settings on this computer.I also have installed a 7950gtoc 512mb gddr3 handle the graphics.This g/c is compliant with warrenty specs of system;the original card is a 7300le cpu 2 core e6400 intel mem 2048mb h/d 500gb.In closing;can someone give me a few questions to ask my friend in regards to me learning about my pc behaviour.That's it;thanks. Jerry

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get a replacement

by Naw-yi In reply to system restore.....

if its under warrenty, get a new rma# from HP and send it back.

what were u doing when the problems started? thats the most important question for now.

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I have to agree 3 machines in under 2 moths

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to get a replacement

Is appalling even if this one actually works fine after a reinstall there is a serious problem with the hardware to have a failure rate like that.

First try wiping the HDD with something like Boot & Nuke available here

Then do a clean install if it doesn't work right then return it to HP and at the same time hit them for an Extended Warranty.

Just for your info Adobe has version 8 of it's PDF Reader available now so that may be of some use but I honestly doubt it.

The NAV file generally relates to Norton's Anti Virus so that may be of some help to you as well.

But as the system is so new and because of the problems that you had previously I would really recommend to save your data then blow away the Windows Install and reload from the Recovery CD that came with the system. Remember to install any drivers for changed components and try again that's what HP will do. Then if it doesn't work right contact HP and get another replacement and also hit them for an Extended Warranter because of the problems that you've had with this unit.

If I have a power supply fail without reason after 2 years I take that personally as a sign of bad workmanship when assembling a unit but 2 exchange computers in under 2 months is unacceptable in anyones book.

Just one note when they agree to the Extended Warranty get that in writing as you may need it down the track.


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Window XP SP 2... System restore

by artinusa In reply to Yes you can but it's not ...

I read the help file with interest..I can not use the restore feature and have extensively tried to correct the issue..I can see thro net start etc that all seem to be working well..I have confirmed that the .htc is Ok..I have checked the mstrui files and looked at the services details.. OK ..and still I can not see the system restore icon on system tools or in any way..I am not sure it is maybe an administrator type problem...or maybe a file problem or a Vscript problem (version5.6) .any ideas...I see that restore points are being made I can remove them via clean-up..but not create them myself..even from CMD prompt

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dont save anything from bad rigs

by Naw-yi In reply to system restore fix or ret ...

if at all possible dont save anything from the previous bad rigs, u might be transfering a virus, bug, bad script to the new rig.

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