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System Restore Greyed Out---Windows XP--

By winmorgan ·
After trying unsuccessfully to update NAV today (I'm not sure that was the culprit, but problems started shortly thereafter), I noticed sluggish behavior and decided to use System Restore to return to pre the NAV update. But...System Restore is grayed out.

The other thing that happened around the same time this afternoon was that NAV reported a virus: w32.Kwbot.F.worm. Said it couldn?t repair the file. I restarted in Safe mode and trashed the file and emptied the trash, then restarted in regular mode.

I found one reference to increasing it's memory but when I checked My Computer > Properties > System Restore, I found it was set at "Max."

I have a 30 GB hard drive (this is on a Dell Inspiron 8200)and there is 1.8 GB left of space (according to C drive Properties.

I also just noticed, in trying to search MS's database that all of the drop down menus in IE were blank, and found also that I couldn't search a browser page (i.e., I type Ctrl-F which brings up search, enter a term, bug "Find" is grayed out.

I have the original OS disc and a Dell disc with Utilities etc., but nothing on the Dell disc looked like help...and I'm not sure what to do, if anything, with the Windows XP OS disc.

Any help tremendously appreciated.


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System Restore Greyed Out---Windows XP--

by winmorgan In reply to System Restore Greyed Out ...

Forgot to mention this as well...

The other weirdness is that NAV used to scan outgoing email and now just jams up...although I think the email goes out....and I can't turn off any of NAV's options and have to force quit it when it scans email.

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System Restore Greyed Out---Windows XP--

by psychalgia In reply to System Restore Greyed Out ...

Sounds as if their is still a virus, or the virus attacked some crittical files. Try scanning for viruses, then use scan disc or some kind of file repair utility to try to fix any damage. If you still have problems try going to windows update and updating all the critticals listed. if unsuccesfull in fix any of the problems, back up any files that are important to you, and reformat your computer, and then, update NAV until you can't any more, scan for viruses in the OS and all backed up files you have (scan the back up files before you use them, if you open them they may still contain a virus).

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System Restore Greyed Out---Windows XP--

by sgt_shultz In reply to System Restore Greyed Out ...

re: grayed out, you are logging in with at least local administrator rights, yes? can you log out and log back in as administrator, then try system restore?
re: slow, cranky XP performance: when you get a virus, sometimes it doesn't hurt important files, but sometimes it does. so write down the names of infected files...otherwise, you don't know what to replace (unless you get lucky with an error message that you can track down via the mskb at )
if you are having troubleupdating NAV, worry about having one of those viruii that disable NAV. if you had one, you are in the hi-risk category for another one(s), IMHO. I would surf to and use the on-line virus scanner there to check my system just in case my local version of anti-virus was actually broken/disabled by a virus and i were still unknowingly infected. or, you could try restarting in Safe mode, then scanning with your local version of NAV. if any viruii were found, i would write down the name of the virus and the file(s) it infected, then i would look it up each virus in the virus encyclopedia located in the Emergency Response section of the website. I would follow those instructions (different for every virus) toremove the virus and restore my system to health...
if XP worked pretty good then, no crashes, just slow, and i felt sure no viruses were on it and that my current anti-virus protection was good, I would seach for "XP performance" and go to some websites aimed at tweaking XP performance and take any advice I UNDERSTOOD at least pretty well. If you are suspicious of your system now after this problem, it is a great time to hack away on it (like with these tweaking websites) before you throw in the towel and experience with the XP performance tweaks is that they can make a very big difference in performance especially on the older systems....

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System Restore Greyed Out---Windows XP--

by pctech In reply to System Restore Greyed Out ...

You have problems. Even more so if this computer is on a network. Here is Symantec's information on this virus and the virus that it drops along with itself. Multiple attacks!

Make sure you follow all of the steps exactly, without skipping any steps.
I would also download and run Ad-Aware to remove any spyware that opens ports to such attacks. Kazaa, Morpheus, Bonzi Buddy, Gator, Yahoo Tool Bars, and many other"free" downloads are laced with spyware. REMOVE them or your system remains vulnerable to more such attacks.

I hope this helps.

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