System Restore unable to protect your compter...

By trollqueen ·
After reading George Ou's June article on Degunking a computer, I performed the Autorun with Microsoft's Autorun software. My XP sp2 PC disabled my cd-rom. When I tried to restart in safe mode, when I hit the f8, it disabled my keyboard. When I restarted, after unplugging and replugging in my keyboard, I attempted a System Restore. I got the message "System Restore is unable to protect your computer, restart your computer and try system restore again". When I followed those directions, the taskbar disappeared completely.

When I tried to reboot my computer off my XP disk, the PC did not recognize my cd drive and when I hit f8, it disabled my keyboard again.

Any suggestions on how I can restore my system?

What's the point of degunking if it's going to disable my pc?

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Just what EXACTLY did you disable with Autoruns?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to System Restore unable to ...

Autoruns lists everything that loads during the boot-up sequence.

You ought to treat the listed procedures with a great deal of respect.

You might care to read this extract from George Ou's article:

Note #2
It appears that some people may be having problems even with legitimate software. After checking with
master programmer and Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich of Microsoft (formerly SysInternals), it appears
that some people might be running device drivers that haven?t gone through WHQL (Windows Hardware
Quality Laboratories), which means that Autoruns will not hide it from the user. If those unsigned drivers
get disabled by the user, Windows may get a BSOD or have certain devices like keyboards fail on startup.
Ideally, users should never trust unsigned drivers, but it?s an unfortunate reality that we have to deal with
In the event that you disable everything unsigned (unauthorized) by Microsoft and have the misfortune of not
being able to boot Windows, you will need to go in to Windows using the F8 during startup with either the Last
Known Good or safe mode. Last Known Good should put your computer back the way it?s supposed to be, but
if that fails, you?ll need to go in with safe mode and re-enable everything in the Drivers tab of Autoruns. If you
want to play it safe, you can leave everything in the Drivers tab enabled, but ideally you shouldn?t need
anything checked that isn?t authorized and signed by Microsoft. Russinovich also did a Webcast last year
where he used a combination of Autoruns and Process Explorer for ?Advanced Malware cleaning,? and I highly
recommend it.

This recommendation should return your system to fully working order.

<Edited for inclusion>

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Keyboard & Mouse not responding

by sconcer69 In reply to Just what EXACTLY did you ...

Unfortunately, I have suffered exactly the same fate having used autoruns. I have attempted to access in safe mode but as neither keyboard or mouse are functioning I have no way of re-running autoruns. Any suggestions?

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