System Restore will not open

By Manny J ·
All of a sudden my system restore will not open. I believe I did clicked on something that I such not. Besides my System Restore, also my Windows Media Player is gone, every time I click on a file/folder the "search result" screen pops up but only the outline of the window and the dog.

Also I get a "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application" this happens when i try to open an e-mail attachment sometimes just a file.

Am 62 an unemployed at the present and I need my computer for job searches. Can anybody help me? I have ran every free anti virus, anti spyware, anti malware to no avail.

Thank you,
Manny J. Perez

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Well for starters have you any AV product installed

by OH Smeg In reply to System Restore will not o ...

Something like AVG perhaps? You need to scan the system for infections with your AV product whatever that is and then things like Malware Bytes

Spybot S&amp

and if you don't currently have a AV Product loaded this will do AVG Free

Download install and then update as required.

Reboot the computer into Safe Mode and run a complete scan with all of the listed products or the 2 Malware scanners and your updated AV Product. Start with the AV product and repeat the scan if it comes back with an infection after you clean it out. When you either have a clean system or something/s that are not possible to remove restart the unit again and if it's clean see what actually is working and what isn't.
If it is still infected post back with the Infection/s Name/s and we'll try to help you in deleting them.

If the system is actually clean and you have a lot of Core Modules no longer working you can perform a In Place Install of the OS but only if you have a M$ Branded Install Disc as apposed to a System Makers Recovery Disc. If you have a M$ Install Disc follow the Directions here

If it proves impossible to clean the system you'll need to Backup all your Data and perform a New Clean Install and it may even require the use of a wiping utility to kill whatever is on the HDD to prevent a reinfection but we'll cover that latter if it is required. However if you do have any kind of Infection Do Not= Perform a In Place Install as you will only be wasting your Time & Effort as you will have to reload the system anyway.


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