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System retaining website detail

By conway_n ·
My brother has bought an old PC for the kids and i was setting up the system last night, ive cleared out the Internet Explorer history, temp file, cookies etc. but when i start to type in a web address the sysetm still auto populates with some very dodby web address which understandably we dont want the kids to wee. How can i completely clean out this information other than rebuilding the system.

OS: Win 95
Internet Explorer 4

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by BeerMonster In reply to System retaining website ...

This will probably be coming from the MRU ('most recently used') key in the registry. go to start \ run and type in 'regedit' (without the quotes). In the app that opens go to edit, select find and type in part of one of the 'dodgy' addresses. This should take you to wherever the addresses are being stored. Double click on each entry and delete the address. BTW I don't have access to a win 95 box so I'm working from memory about the layout of regedit...

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by TheChas In reply to System retaining website ...

There is a separate key location in the registry for typed URLs.

That is NOT the only place that typed URLs are stored.

Have you tried using the delete function in Internet Options?
I don't have a box with IE4 on it at the moment, but usually, clicking on the Clear History button clears most of the typed entries.

Worst case, boot from a floppy, and delete the file Index.dat in the Temporary Internet files folder.


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by Devinefv In reply to System retaining website ...

there's a few more places to look! Goto Start, Ctrl. panel, add/remove programs, and look through the list for anything that may look explicit.

Start Internet Explorer, go through the favorites list, Clear out what should not be there.

Open regular Explorer search though the files for IE content, and brows though there to see if any thing derogetory exists. Be sure your system has all the needed security patches. This way , the smut won't be so sticky.

Check the your "Dial-up connections" and delete the dial-up sex connections if any are in there!

One last thing! Test the system yourself [for a few days to make it's running O.K. before you hand it over to them, and check on the system from time to time to see what's in there/what there up to, what sites they are at,...Etc...

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