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System shut down issues

By Dave101 ·
I am working on an issue for friend on an HP Pavilion 6553. When windows shutsdown the system the green power LED dims down by 50% and the power supply fan slows down but doesn't stop. If hit the power button the system boots up like noraml runs through the hardware checks and then loads windows just fine. But I can't figure out how to get a complete shutdown. The problem persists no matter whether it has Windows XP or 98SE. Someone had installed XP on the system with all the extra XP junk and the system just didn't have enough power to run that O/S very well so I wiped (FDISK & FORMAT) the hard drive and installed 98SE.

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by CG IT In reply to System shut down issues

I would check the bios power settings. sounds like ACPI power off when power button is pressed is suspend instead of power off.

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by Dave101 In reply to System shut down issues

This type of case is the auto power off variety. Instead of windows telling you that it is safe to shut off your computer it skips that screen and just shuts down or should shut down that is.

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by staota In reply to System shut down issues

my computer runs windows 98second edition.It can not shutdown any more.

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by osumiller In reply to System shut down issues

when you are pressing the button, are you holding it in for several seconds? If not, it might be going into a hibernation mode.

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by susanhall442 In reply to System shut down issues

In my building we have this problem all the time. On the Microsoft website there is a "shut down patch" for Win 98. Actually there are 3 (they figuered out the 1st two didn't always hold). I have to tell you that on my Win98se machines that have this problem I sometimes have to run the patches more than once. I have just gotten used to it. It is just a program glitch.

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