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system shut down

By darylprice ·
I have a dell Optiplex GX270 that just shuts off for no apparent reason, the optical mouse is dead, the key board is dead and the monitor is blank yes the system unit power light is still on and the hard drive light remains on steady. The only way to resume operation is to restart the system by holding down the power switch and re-booting. Can anyone tell me what might cause this and how do I fix it? I?m thinking of a reformat is this my best option?

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by willcomp In reply to system shut down

I would first test the hard drive (HDD). Major HDD manufacturers have downloadable testing software available in the Support section of their web sites.

If HDD checks out OK, rate this response and we'll try some other options.


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by willcomp In reply to

Try answer 4 first if it fits (computer idle for a while and won't start back).

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by willcomp In reply to

Although it certainly won't hurt to check capacitors, I have yet to see an Intel (used by Dell) motherboard with faulty caps.

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by jim.roma In reply to system shut down

This is an issue with the motherboard or components on the board. When this happens look at the back of the machine. There are 4 lights that should be solid green but 2 of them will probably be amber. Open up the machine and reseat the memory then reseat the CPU. Most of the time this will resolve this particular problem.

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by mdelyea In reply to system shut down

The most common cause of mysterious reboots is overheating. Open the case and use compressed air to clear the dust out of you case/CPU. Do NOT use a vacuum to clean it (static may cause mobo to fail).

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by rindi1 In reply to system shut down

This is probably due to powermanagent putting your system to sleep (I assume this happens when you left the PC idle for some time?). Look for the dell service-tag (sticker somewhere on the PC), then visit the Dell homepage and navigate to downloads. Somewhere here you will probably have to enter your servicetag number, after which those system drivers and updates for your PC will show up. Download the newest of these drivers and install them, also flash-upgrade your bios. After some reboots you should be able to test your PC if the problem has now gone. If it is still there, turn off powermanagement, or at least the sleep options.

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by glyall In reply to system shut down

check to capacitors exit to the CPU
if they are flat on top they are good
if not they are bad.
if they bad you will have to replace the motherboard

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by darylprice In reply to system shut down

thanks for all the answers i got, I called the dell guys and they replaced the mainboard, they said it would not support both RAM modules. luckily i purchased the three year warranty . i also noticed the capacitors around the dimm slots were swollen with a bit of a crusty substance on top.
again thanks for all the help guys.


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by na In reply to system shut down

Dell has acknowledged there is a problem with the GX270 motherboards. Open the case and check the motherboard for swollen or ruptured capacitors. If the tops of the capacitors are rounded or have a light brown substance on the top then your motherboard is bad. Contact Dell for a FREE replacement. To avoid a class action law suit, Dell will send you a new motherboard even if your GX270 is out of warranty. I have had to replace at least 200 motherboards on our GX270s.

The capacitors can cause several different symptoms such as random BSOD, powering off for no reason, random rebooting, and data corruption if your computer crashes when writing or copying files. Plus the capacitors could explode and cause a fire so I would not use your computer until you got a new motherboard.

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