System shuts down in less than a 1 min on startups

By Jay Grand ·
I have a Sony Vaio laptop that shuts down on startup. Worked fine other than this. I've tried to get into BIOS and safe mode to search or repair, but it won't stay on long enough to check. Thinking maybe the power supply, but the fact that it shuts down at the same time frame - consistently, wasn't sure if it was software related.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Jay Grand

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A couple of suggestions.

by gdburton In reply to System shuts down in less ...

1. Convince yourself that the power brick is able to provide power.
(Easy method is to remove battery and run on mains power alone.)
If this does not work then battery may have not be charged for a while and finally got too low to run machine.
2. If system runs on mains power without battery, but fails to run on mains when battery is plugged in then the battery is causing the problem. The power brick cannot provide enough power to run the machine & charge a failing battery. Leaving the laptop plugged in, but switched off overnight may allow the battery to charge up enough. But generally in many cases, this situation is an indication that the battery is ready for replacement.

Hope this helps.

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I had this happen to me

by vanman666 In reply to System shuts down in less ...

My other half downloaded and ran a file that caused this issue

The only solution i had was to boot from the install disk rather than the HD and repair the disk that way.

Hope it helps

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Probably Overheating CPU

by euromarkus In reply to System shuts down in less ...

Shutdowns like the one you are experiencing, are typically caused by the CPU overheating.

The shutdown is to protect the CPU from damage.

Overheating CPUs are caused by bad airflow: either a fan is bad (rare), or more than likely, a fair amount of dust is clogging the airway.

If it's dust, use a can of compressed air near the vents to loosen the clumps, and then run a vacuum nozzle over it to suck it out.

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Reponse To Answer

by Ndiaz.fuentes In reply to Probably Overheating CPU

"then run a vacuum nozzle over it to suck it out"
I'd be very cautious about this step. A powerful vacuum can wreak havoc on delicate insides. It can be done, but you should be careful.

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