System slow after netowrk dos programme started

By sanjay ·
i have dos based foxpro based program which i run from data server machine it slow down my machine, i couldnt work fast on my comp. even i could not work properly on word, excel not even print command is given fast, i have amd athlon 3000+ with 256 mb of ram with 80 gb of hard disk.

please help

sanjay karlekar

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If you kill off the DOS application

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to System slow after netowrk ...

Performance should return to normal.

The reason that you notice a slow down is that DOS made use of the CPU's differently so by using a DOS program in a Windows Environment you are causing the entire system to slow down as the CPU's attempt to process incompatible data.

The most likely reason that you are noticing a slow down is that the DOS application is forcing the CPU to run with an 8 Bit Register Key and this is an unsupported item with the more modern Windows systems so you are forcing the CPU to work in a way that the Program designers never intended and this is chewing up Clock Cycles of your CPU.

Depending on how this was installed it may be necessary to totally reload the server and maybe even the entire LAN it just depends on what changes have been made to the system by using something incompatible with the OS. However by the same token just stopping the application running may solve the problem.


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