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    System slow downs and internet explorer


    by zlitocook ·

    I built a new system, 3.6 GHz CPU, 2 Gig memory, FSB is fast but I don?t remember how fast, NVIDIA with 128 Mb memory, two 500 Gig IDE drives and one 250 gig Sata drive. I have XP pro, SP2 with all updates that was a mistake.
    I was getting slow to bad performance on the internet, slow performance generally. On the internet I found that WGA from MS will cause slow downs, iexplore.exe will cause 100% CPU usage and svchost will do the same. I disabled updates, downloaded the patch for WGA. Removed every thing from start up, removed all temp files, cookies and history. I bought Window washer, I have Norton?s antivirus 10, Spybot and ad-aware. I have root kit reviler and use zone alarm for protection.
    I went back to the basics and went into system properties, advanced, settings, and used adjust for best performance.
    Now it seems that every thing is running great!
    What has MS changed that just changing that setting will allow me to get better performance?
    Why is this speeding the system up?
    If after doing all the other things, updating my system, cleaning my system and buying products to help me.
    Why should just doing a simple process in windows make my computer faster?
    I think MS needs to look at their software and the bugs in it.

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      Video Card Driver?

      by jim_p ·

      In reply to System slow downs and internet explorer

      Only thing I could think of, is if you have chosen best performance for XP, this takes all the fading menus and such. Maybe if you can try updating your video card drivers if you haven’t already.
      Have you tried also setting the Windows XP theme to Windows Classic just for testing?
      Maybe also could be RAM causing you grief too. Would you have any spare RAM you could try?


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      The setting you changed only affects the

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to System slow downs and internet explorer

      video instructions that Windows uses, you ahve effectively told it to NOT use a whole swag of video instructions. Clearly the system is actually processing all those instructions in the cpu instead of handing them off to the video card for action.

      This would normally be due to poor video drivers, incorrect video drivers, or poor resource allication .

      MicroSoft is the modern way to say ultra buggy software.

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      Fast IE

      by nz_justice ·

      In reply to System slow downs and internet explorer

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