System State Backup restore failing

By jashish1 ·
Hi Experts,

We are trying to restore backup of a DC in our test bed to test the system state backup of AD works or not.

Steps that we have followed
1) Test server is of the same make and model, firmware everything is same

2) we are using NTBACKUP to restore the backup.

3) Destination server we install same windows 2003,SP2 same as of source server.

4) NIC is teamed in source server, so on destination server we team the NIC and then restore the backup in DSRM mode.

5) Before restoring server is promoted to DC with same name.

6) After restore we can login to server with the admin credentials of the Domain admin user of restored backup

ADUC,or none of the admin consoles open.
DCDIAG is full with errors

Please suggest if restoring system state backup on alternate hardware is suggested by MS.
Below are the links that i have followed to restore the backup.

Please also suggest the ideal way to get the AD data replicated to test bed.

I am planning to bring a DC in production and then disconnect it from network, run metadeta in Production and take the diconnected DC in test bed, is this ideal scenerio?
Please guide.

Thanks in advance :)

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by tmalo627 In reply to System State Backup resto ...

Are you trying to restore the system state locally, or over the network?

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just system state? or restore from full backup?

by CG IT In reply to Question...

try just installing the base O/S with all drivers including your tape backup drivers, then run the restore from full backup from NT Backup. This usually works if your backup was successful. System state only usually ends up with the problems you encountering using the configurations and method you outlined.

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just system state? or restore from full backup?

by jashish1 In reply to just system state? or res ...


I have tried restoring the backup using this method as well but that also did not worked. Installed base O/S, installed all the drivers and then restored the full backup using Ntbackup, still it fails.

restoring System state backup on alternate hardware works??? if the make,model everything is same??

Do you have any method or steps that you can refer it to me so that I can follow your guidelines

Ashish Joshi

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System State Backup restore failing

by jashish1 In reply to Question...


I am restoring it on the local machine, backup is taken using NTBACKUP and then restored in DSRM mode using NTBACKUP

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