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System Testing

By Optimistic Maverick ·

I need an expert opinion on system testing. More specifically, I need a list of checklist or pre-requisites that must be in line before I can dig me feet right into it. Whose responsibility is it? Do the guys at Quality Assurance worry about system testing and should the business analysts play any kind of role during this phase?

The system testing would be carried out on a Point of Sale application. All the functional units (such as sales, refund, operator login) have been individually tested. We have stitched together all the modules and our clients and the management wants us to carry out system testing on it, which quite frankly we have absolutely no clue about. Surprisingly, we dont have a very comprehensive set of documented requirement specifications either, but we have a fairly good idea about our client's requirements.

These are just some of the many questions.

Are there any standard guidelines or templates that might be useful?

How do I verify the business requirements?

How do I map my test cases to my business requirements?

Are there any shortcuts, considering we have a few days for it?

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Reg System Testing

by ramdoss In reply to System Testing

As you have already that said have fairly good idea about ur clients requirements. If i where u . I would start writing Usecases/Test scenarios with the requirement and get signoff from client of Business Analyst just to make sure the i am checking all there important Functionality of client requirment.

Secondly once Usecases/test scenarios in place. prepare a good test plan so that u know what,when how ur going to accomplish the task. This is required and make sure u have traceablity matrix table in test plan so th ur sure that ur covering all the usecases with test cases that ur going to write.

Third Prepare the details test cases for each and every usecases that has been signeoff and

Finally very import select type testing from the following list.

Business Process Testing. Validates the functionality of two or more components that are
strung together to create a valid business process.

Data Conversion Testing. The testing of converted data used within the Siebel application. This
normally performed before System Integration testing.

Functional Testing. Testing that focuses on the functionality of an application that validates the
output based on selected input that consists of Unit, Module and Business Process testing.

Interoperability Testing. Applications that support multiple platforms or devices need to be
tested to verify that every combination of device and platform works properly.

Negative Testing. Validates that the software fails appropriately by inputting a value known to
be incorrect to verify that the action fails as expected. This allows you to understand and identify failures, and by displaying the appropriate warning messages, that the unit is operating correctly.

Positive Testing. Verifies that the software functions correctly by inputting a value known to be correct to verify that the expected data or view is returned appropriately.

Regression Testing. Code additions or changes may unintentionally introduce unexpected errors or regressions that do not exist previously. Regression tests are executed when a new build or release is available to make sure existing and new features function correctly.

System Integration Testing. This is a complete system test in a controlled environment to
validate the end-to-end functionality of the application and all other interface systems (for
example, databases and third-party systems). Sometimes adding a new module, application, or
interface may negatively affect the functionality of another module.

Best of Luck.

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Very good info, but maybe a little late?

by cvestal In reply to Reg System Testing

The system testing tasks mentioned above is all good, but I am questioning by system testing is just coming to mind now.

Not to berate anyone, we all deal with the "real-world" and many times things are out of our own control (it is what it is...) Usability should have been integrated into the development process.

It sounds like this was done and you sound confident that you know what the client wants, but in my experience, many times the client himself does not really know what he wants and they try to change direction.

The better the results, the more they seem to want to change (tweak) once they see what you are capable of producing.

I would stress that the first thing to do at this point, is to get sign off by the client as soon as possible as suggested by ramdoss. Until sign-off occurs, the project itself is looming in limbo.


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