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system time changing

By myprivate_msn ·
A few days ago while working on the internet, by mistake my brother tried to syncronise the time with internet time server from date and time properties. since then the time and date settings have become unstable. every time i log on to the windows, the system time reduces by 10 to 20 minutes. if i dont work on the computer for quite sometime, on booting a message appears telling ur bios settings are incorrect. press f1 to change settings. the time settings in bios changes to 00:00:00, 2001. i tried to change the setting but it didnt work. i use win xp and win 98 as dual boot. i cant figure out whats the problem. pls help me

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by statykserver In reply to system time changing

Since the message you are getting is during boot it seems to be maybe a low cmos battery that is located on your motherboard. Also just to undo what was previously done double click your time status in your task bar "Time and Date Properties" and click on the internet time tab and uncheck the automatically synchronize time with the server or change to ""

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by myprivate_msn In reply to system time changing

i had unchecked the "automatically syncronise time with the internet" quite earlier but to no avail. is there really some problem with my cmos battery?

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by lloyddrose In reply to system time changing

That's funny, I was looking for a solution for the same problem. My pc is only about 3 years old. Since I recently set the internet clock synchronization 'ON' I've been having this problem that the clock is completely off and I have to synchronize this by pressing 'Synchronize now' button or set the time manually. Sometimes even the date is wrong.

Any suggestions?


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by CG IT In reply to system time changing

well changing the CMOS battery can't hurt. Next question, which time server did you use? try and make sure you time zone is correct.

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