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System Time/Clock Rolls Back

By je27 ·
I have a Windows NT 4.0 Server SP6 running as a PDC on an IBM AS/400. WAIT! Don't let that scare you off, it's not that much different. The problem is the time is 1 hour behind. When I set it to the correct time it rolls back one hour at the next 5 minute mark. I set it 2 hours ahead and it rolls back 2 hours, and so on all at the next 5 minute mark. The only way to make it right is to set it for Eatern time zone, but I'm in Central time zone and that causes problems between the PDC and BDC's. I've checked for viruses ran it through every search engine and tech forum I can find and nothing. The only thing I can find is an old virus (19**) called prague.backtime, but the McAfee dat file 4002 is all it calls for and I'm scanning with 4335. Anyone have ANY ideas? My next step is to pour the case full of nitro and give it kick!

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by Oz_Media In reply to System Time/Clock Rolls B ...

I am not too sure about your exact system specs but in my Netware servers when I've had the problem, I set the time to poll an outside time source and adjust as needed. I will notice it updates +- 1 or 2 seconds every few hours as it starts to drift.

Another server I had polling an outside ties ource was STILL drifting, I set it to poll it's own clock and adjust that way ad it is now fine.

Just food for thought, you will have to see if this applies to your situation or not.

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by Gigelul In reply to System Time/Clock Rolls B ...

Try to use "tzedit.exe" from resource kit and set the correct time zone. After that open "Date/Time properties" change time zone to anything else, confirm and then change to correct time/zone and confirm again.

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