system unit not booting ?

system unit not booting as a result of rushing in turning off the system unit without shutting it down first.....

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Request for Clarification

by markp24 In reply to Clarifications

im sorry, what is this in reference to, Deksop? server? what os? is it a Computer?

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Describe what it is doing

by robo_dev In reply to system unit not booting ?

Is the system now powering on at all?

Is the Windows logo or splash-screen appearing on the monitor or display?

Are there any unusual sounds, such as a slight tick-tick or grinding noise coming from the hard drive?

Any unusual smells, such as that of burning plastic?

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Well assuming that this is a Desktop because a NB wouldn't have required

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to system unit not booting ?

You to rush in to shut down unplug the Power Lead and press the On Button for 30 Seconds.

If this is a NB also remove the battery before pressing the Power Button and then plug everything back in and see if it turns on now.

If it doesn't post back with whatever is happening.

Also did you check the Power Switch on the Wall and that the Plug is actually plugged in?

If there is a Power Strip Involved here does it have a Circuit Breaker to protect the things plugged into it?

If it does make sure that it hasn't tripped.


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