System upgrade questions

By jeffzz421 ·
So I love technology soo much, well too much really. I want to build my own machine from the ground up and have an idea of what I need. The problem is what I want, as in I keep drooling over stuff like the newest .5gb plus ddr3 video cards and so on.

Basically I NEED a simple, efficient, HDCP compliant system so I can watch my dvd's on my new flat screen tv. My question is, if I only plan to watch hd movies, should I go for a baic HDCP system, such as a mobo with it built in as far as video?

or should I go for something a little better that still would not be too expensive such as a dual pci x16 board with a couple cheapie sli cards?

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Well for $275 you can buy a HD DVD player/recorder that has USB ports

by robo_dev In reply to System upgrade questions

It even has a 160GB HDD built in.

No noisy fan, lets you pause live TV, and will never get a virus.

Philips DVDR3575H DVD Recorder

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Not bad....but........

by jeffzz421 In reply to Well for $275 you can buy ...

I really want to just build a new pc altogether. Its just some of my choices I want to make carefully as to not limit myself in the future.

Ok, now I read something that really confused me. Someone on ebay was selling a high end video card because he said that xp pro 64 won't ever fully utilize it. Maybe he was talking about two of them in sli but im not sure. What are the limitations of xp pro (graphics card wise)? Im not using the 64 bit version and dont plan on it, but as I already "upgraded" my laptop from Vista to xp, I plan on staying with the tried and tru platform.

Overall Im just looking for a system that will play back hd quality video flawlessly.

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There is no definitive answer to your question, because ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not bad....but........

You are not prepared to set definitive goals.

For example:
"Im just looking for a system that will play back hd quality video flawlessly"

Does not go hand-in-hand with:

"some of my choices I want to make carefully as to not limit myself in the future"

So there you have it - on the one hand you just want an HD video player BUT not limiting your future plans.


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Ok ok

by jeffzz421 In reply to There is no definitive an ...

So if I say bacially the cheapest route possible, to just play good HD. What should I go for?

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The first response to your question

by OH Smeg In reply to Ok ok

If you want the cheapest route possible.

However if you wish to build a computer you should go with what is usable and will fill your actual needs not your perceived needs. As for the High End Video Card this is a common problem when using any Windows 64 Bit OS they just lack a good range of drivers so if they work at all with a 64 Bit OS quite a few have limited functionality compared to the 32 Bit Drivers for the same card.

If you want to drive a TV with this computer you will need a Video Output compatible with your TV this generally means a Separate Video Card with different Outputs like DVI, VGA and S'Video. On Board Video is generated by the CPU and System RAM both of which are slower than a Dedicated Video Card with it's own Graphic Processor and Memory as Video Memory is considerable faster than computer Memory.


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Im on the same page but........

by jeffzz421 In reply to The first response to you ...

Lemme refine my question some more. There are boards such as that asus with on board video capable of HD output via DVI outputs that are compatible with my tv. Im just wondering if that will be enough or if I should go for a bit more say with a xfx gforce 8800gt? I was looking at prices and even that card is relatively cheap on ebay.

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Well if this is of any assistance

by OH Smeg In reply to Im on the same page but.. ...

I refuse to touch any All In 1 M'Boards. I find them crappy and slow when compared to a Dedicated System with it's own components chosen by the builder and not something thrown together for a price.

Since the advent of the All in One M'Boards or a Computer on a M'Board type things they speed of the M'Boards has dramatically dropped and it is quite noticeable even with fast Dual Core CPU's and lots of RAM., If you compare a old Gigabyte GA6 BXDU Slot 1 M'Board with it's 2 X 450 P2 CPU's fitted and 4 X 256 MEG SD RAM Sticks installed and using IDE Drives not SCSI and a 64 MEG AGP X 4 Video CARD this computer is more than fast enough for all but the most extreme games. Then try to load the same game onto a minimum Spec latter model board and it falls in a heap. I'm not sure that we have moved that far forward actually only made things cheaper and nastier while being able to install the most overpowered CPU's and vast amounts of RAM to do the same thing that could be done with 2 P2's and half or less of the RAM that is used now days.

Or look at the old Tyan Dual CPU M'Boards for a Pentium these came with 4 RAM Slots per CPU and where effectively 2 M'Baords with a combined Video, Keyboard & Mouse interface and with a 200 MMX Pentium they flew even with XP. They shouldn't have actually worked but they did and they did it quite well.

I've just built up a new Dual Core for my son and while it's nice I still do not consider it any better than the BX400 chip set one that I regularly use maybe a tad cheaper to buy initially because there is only 1 CPU to buy and I had to purchase 2 originally and a lot of expensive RAM. When it was running Debian as a Server it worked great on 128 MEG of RAM and there was talk about shelling out for a 256 MEG RAM Stick when or if they ever became available. Kind of reminds me of the time I was paying $100.00 Per Meg and I had to buy 8 X 16 MEG Sticks for one DOS computer. That had a whopping 128 MEG of RAM and a 500 MEG HDD which I had to fight to buy as the salesperson insisted that a 500 MEG drive was unfillable. That was with a DX 486 I think and was the first PC that I ever bought. Even then I had to settle for a base model as they couldn't supply the parts to my specifications as they where too expensive. But a few years latter when the Pentiums came out and i wrote a Engine management program on the 486 and then burnt it to a EPROM on a Pentium at work life got interesting as the motor destroyed itself and that was considerably more expensive to any of the computers we had then. It actually probably cost more than all the computers together but it did provide an excuse not to move to Pentiums for a very long time.

Anyway without a doubt I would say go with a Dedicated Video Card and a slower CPU if cost is an issue but even a 512 MEG Video card these days is relatively cheap. From past experience with NVida Video Cards though I would say stick with a Intel Chip Set M'Board rather than a ATI or SIS and NVida Chip Set M'Board. I've had way too many Hardware conflicts with nonintel Chip Set M'Baords and besides they are just plain faster and better bang for your buck.


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I too remember

by jeffzz421 In reply to System upgrade questions

Those days when a meg was a hundred dollars. I forget which one dropped below that level first (hard drives and memory) because Im pretty sure they were both at that level. Now I remember, memory was a hundred a meg, while hdd's were a dollar a meg. Ill bet that old 500 meg hdd that you could never have filled :), was pretty darn expensive back then.

And yes that did help, I will stick with a dedicated card, because they aren't too much these days. And up until now, I had been semi planning on getting an Nvidia chipset board since I like Asus and that is what nmost of theirs are. Any suggestions on mobo's themselves or at least their manufacturers?

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Well I use a lot of Gigabyte M'Boards

by OH Smeg In reply to I too remember

They are nice work well and have a 3 year warranty. I also use some ASUS M'Boards without any issues either.
Really depends on what it is you want to build I suppose. Of course if you are looking at a AMD CPU you have to use either ATI M'Boards or the NVidia ones but as AMD now owns ATI and are making their own Chip Sets I would tend to stick with the ATI M'Boards, but that is just me I think that the company who makes the CPU knows their products better than a After Market Company who is pushing out Budget Chip Sets trying to compete with the CPU Maker.

But these ASUS M'Boards have Intel Chip Sets

And more Intel Chip Set M'Boards it actually looks as if the NVidia are the also rans with ASUS with only a couple of listed M'Baords. What you need to remember is to look at the Makers Web Site not a resellers as they will only order in what they think that they can sell so a lot of High End M'Boards never see the light of day in these places as they are considered as Too Expensive or Not Salable Enough where the shops rely on High Turnover to make their money and never have the better products available for sale.

Even the big Wholesalers didn't carry a complete range of M'Baords they just carry what they think will sell and I had to quite often get them to Order In M'Boards for me admittedly they where all High End Server Boards with Quad CPU's Sockets instead of the Dual's that they thought would sell.

The only issue that I have had with ASUS is with the Heat pipes and big opening on the back of the case allows a lot of dust and other junk to enter the case and this has killed a few M'Boards that would have lasted longer if there wasn't such a large open hole to allow the junk to get in.

I like the idea that ASUS uses in theory but in practice it fails dismally well for me at least and when I replace the dead boards with Gigabyte they just keep working.


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wow and I agree but here's the thing

by jeffzz421 In reply to Well I use a lot of Gigab ...

thats why the internet is so whacky.. I read somewhere, and I forgot where exactly ( I think newegg ) but I read about your favorite brand (not bashing them myself) as being one of the worst brands of mobo's. Thats where Im getting confused. I dont know who to really believe, as I have personally enjoyed asus and nvidia technology, and have heard bad and good things about those and everyhting I look into. Is it just me, or should I just go with my gut and forget about everyone's opinions?

Oh and one more thing, I was totally in love with the nvidia chipset boards and an amd processor until I hear otherwise from here. And believe me, there is only one forum I really trust and it is this one, which is why im taking this question so far.

Thanks again TR

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