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recently i had to reinstall windows vista home premium 64 several time (4x), after a couple of dayz i realized that i had 4 system volume information folders taking up 80gbs of my hdd with just an os on it, i ran disc clean up an it dont remove them, is there another way to delete the folders?

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Turn off system restore temporarily.

by seanferd In reply to system volume information ...

If that doesn't free up most of the space, you'll need to boot from a live CD/flash drive of some sort, UBCD or Knoppix or what have you, to delete the folders while the OS if offline. Leave the one with the most recent date.

Actually, I find System Restore near useless anyway, you may want to leave it off.

edit: Oh, try this:;en-us;309531

Here are steps for Vista, not sure if they will get rid of extra folders, though.;leftCol

Using Advanced in the Properties tab for the folders, you may be able to take ownership away from the System for the old folders.

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by SystemCheck In reply to Turn off system restore t ...

ill try that when i get home otherwise dbian nukin the hdd, didnt realize i had i on but still why would there be 4 of them, i got a 250 gb hdd only got 160 left nothing installed on it?

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Did you do an in-place install?

by seanferd In reply to k

Without wiping the drive first? That would probably be why.

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for vista

by SystemCheck In reply to Did you do an in-place in ...

its just a oem recovery disc i dont see that option, it'll overwrite the windows.old folder but not the system volume information folder but in another post on another thing, it stated that you may get one for each user, at one point i had 4 users now only three just deleted the user.

so with 4 users and now3 users in place (administrater, me, my girl friend), would that be why there is three 4 of them?

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