System will not boot?

By sanwardak ·
I have IBM desktop motherboard 225782U from yestarday I have problem of booting. It will not turn on until i unplug the power cable then plug back then it can be boot. it turn off normal all the led lights are off, but the cpu fan is still runing then when i push the power bottm it will not start nither the cpu fan will stop. Then I have to unplug the power cable that time cpu fan stop and iam able to turn it on from sart power bottm. I have reset the cmos battry not helped. Reset ram and HDD. I dont know if this will be the motherboard or power supply. Can somone help me please?


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Do you have a spare power supply to try?

by philldmc In reply to System will not boot?

have you tried a spare power supply? Process of elimination.

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The issue would seem to be is this a hardware or software problem.

by dldorrance In reply to System will not boot?

Before you buy a new computer, how can you sort this out? In a previous post you mentioned that the computer fan did not turn off when the computer was switched off, but would stop if the power was removed by unplugging the computer. This suggests a hardware problem. To prove this try booting your computer from a Linux live CD. That way you exlude the HDD (and its software contents). A persistent problem strongly points to a motherboard problem or possibly the power supply problem.

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I replaced the power supply.

by sanwardak In reply to System will not boot?

Thanks to all of you
I have replace the power supply because that was causing the problem. So every thing has return to normal.


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by doug m. In reply to System will not boot?

Invest in an inexpensive power supply tester. Either that or keep a spare power supply on hand for these situations. I would opt for the tester.

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