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System won't sutdown...

By peetree ·
I am doing some volunteer work for a local not-for-profit organization. They just received a computer which had Windows 2000 (Server?) on it.
I beleive it was on a network?

We had another volunteer whom recently upgrade and went to XP on their home computer from 98SE. They were nice enough to let us load it on the organizations computer, and we did. Before 98SE was loaded we noticed that 2000 was running messed up (beyond repair) so we dumped it; because we had no way of repairing 2000. We noticed one of things which was puzzling with the existing system was the fact that it would restart after we specified shutdown.

There is probably too much information or not enough. Please respond to if you need or require further information. Thank you. Otherwise just leave the answer here. I am appreciative of any positive reply(ies) which could curb this problem.

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by CG IT In reply to System won't sutdown...

humm ok, so you got a used, new computer running Windows 2000 which was cranky and would reboot instead of shutting down. So you reformatted the hard drive on it and installed Windows 98SE. Now your wondering if Windows 98SE will also be cranky and reboot when you want to shut it down?

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by CG IT In reply to

the BIOS power options might have been set to reboot instead of shutdown. If the new used computer had Windows Server software installed, that might account for it as servers generally need to run 24/7/365.

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by peetree In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to System won't sutdown...

Question 1, is Windows 98 running fine except for the shutdown issue?

If so, you most likely need to install the correct drivers for the motherboard and video card to correct the shutdown issue.

The default W98 drivers only work well with some older Intel chip-sets.

Install the chip-set drivers for the motherboard.

The version of DirectX supported / required by the video card driver.

The video card driver.

Since this was a server, how much RAM is installed?
Windows 98 can have some strange problems if more than 511MB of RAM is present.

As D.R. stated, check the power options in BIOS settings.
You may need to enable APM, or ACPI in order for W98 to be able to shut the system down.

I have had shutdown conflicts with some modem and motherboard combinations.
Try updating the modem driver, or removing the modem to see if the shutdown problem goes away.

Make sure to install the large cache update from Microsoft.
Once you get W98 to shut down, you need to make sure that it does not shut down too quickly.

Finally, there is a very detailed shutdown trouble shooting guide posted at


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by peetree In reply to

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by peetree In reply to System won't sutdown...

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