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    Systems Engineering How-to


    by alxcsby ·

    I’m in the position of replacing our old server (hardware and software) with a new box and 2003SBS. I’m not a Systems Engineer, however. I’ve been browsing articles here and on Microsoft’s “knowledgebase”. I can’t find a walkthrough or a guide to replacing an entire server setup.
    Our current server–despite being botched by the last netadmin–is functioning as a file server/dns server simultaneously.
    A) Is this feasible with 2k3SBS?
    – None of the articles seem to describe co-existing server roles.
    B) If so, will it be self-explanatory on set-up?
    C) If not, how is this accomplished?
    D) (finally) What is the most simple way to migrate DNS directories, and does Microsoft’s “File Server Migration Toolkit” functionally maintain the integrity of the naming conventions?

    Ultimately, if there’s a guide out there, I’d be indebted for a link. If there isn’t a guide, maybe some folks wouldn’t mind contributing information, and we can compile something of a newb’s guide to Sysengineering.

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      by alxcsby ·

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      server migration

      by ctmoore1998 ·

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      Check out info provide in MS KB 830253. Since it doesn’t sound like you have a domain on the other server just a ‘file server’ you shouldn’t have to run the migration. Just build the SBS and add the ‘old’ server as a member server to the new SBS domain. Normally you won’t have to migrate the DNS, unless you have manually added a lot of DNS entries. MS migration should migrate all the domain info that is pertinent to a successful migration.

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        Many Thanks

        by alxcsby ·

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        I’m afraid it does have a domain, but I did find a DNS migration white paper. Thanks for the help.

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      Get a quote.

      by 1bn0 ·

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      Hire an expert. Preferably a reputable contractor that specializes in this type of migration.

      We recently upgrade a 3 site wan to Procurve switches with seperated VLANs for each department, guest wireless and IP phone network. We did not do it ourselves.

      The original supplier fialed to implement the new network setup properly.

      We hired a contractor who sent a network engineer to site to configure and implement the new equipment.

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