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Systems Hangs

By norman5483 ·
Windows XP Professional SP2
Systems keep crashing. Event Manager states:
CVPND/0xEE3400003 Function createfile failed with an error code of 0x0000000s (DRIVIFACE:725)

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Systems Hangs

First thing to do is download your HDD Makers Testing Utility and test the HDD to see if it's working properly.

If it comes up as not working you'll need to place it in another computer and test it again. If it still comes up as Bad then the HDD is actually not working correctly and causing this problem, but if it comes up as Good on the second test the problem is with the Drive controller on the M'Board in your computer.

If it comes up as working OK then you can try downloading a copy of The Ultimate Boot CD from

And then Boot off that to do some tests on your hardware. If everything now passes the tests grab your Install CD or Restore CD and perform a Rescue Install of Windows as follows

If that doesn't work you'll need to move your HDD into either a USB Caddy or another computer and save the data on it and then replace it back in your computer Wipe it with a Utility that writes zeros to every sector and then do a clean install of Windows and reinstall all your software.


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by Nilt In reply to Systems Hangs

I've seen something similar with VPN clients. If you're using one, especially the Cisco one, you should try giving full permission to Everyone (for now, you can fine tune later) to the program directory. If you don't know how, PM me. I have a PDF that walks you through it.

Also, run through the steps for XP at this link:

That should get rid of any firewalls and such in the way, although in some cases you have to completely remove them. A little more detail on what's going on wouldn't hurt; I'm going strictly by when I've seen this in the past.

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