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system's unpredictable behaviour

By zimtiaz ·
i am maintaining a p4 . 845 glly motherboard and 1.7 ghz processor(intel). modem installed is lucent 56k.i am using win xp as well as win 98. win 98 is absolutely fine where as on boot in xp if i straight go to connect to internet, the system would hang for about 2 minutes . after 2 minutes it is again working normal. if i don't connect to internet on boot for about 2 minutes or so all the system would work properly including the net connections

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system's unpredictable behaviour

by TheChas In reply to system's unpredictable be ...

First, do you have the latest drivers for the modem installed on the XP session?

Next, I ALWAYS recommend waiting until the hard drive light stops flashing on boot before opening ANY applications.
On boot, Windows loads a number of programs, andsets up the page file. If you give Windows extra tasks during this time, Windows needs to shuffle priorities. If you access your dial-up connection before the Dial Up Networking driver is initialized, Windows needs to stop and initialize the driver before it can process your dial up and log on.

To reduce this time, you need to reduce the number of items that load at startup.

Start by taking a good look at all the programs in the system tray. Do you really need ALL of them running all the time?

You can often disable an item by right clicking on it's tray icon and changing the settings or properties for the program.
For some programs, you will need to run msconfig and disable the item on the startup tab.

Next, download and run aSpy-Ware checker such as AdAware ( or Spybot Search & Destroy (

Microsoft offers a tool called bootvis that can help you identify processes and settings that slow down the boot process, and change settings to speed up the boot process.


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system's unpredictable behaviour

by montyw47 In reply to system's unpredictable be ...

If the system contains an ethernet card that is not connected to a working system, windows tries to connect for about 2 minutes per NIC. This was my case after I connected nic to another computer to test and later disconnected but left NIC installed.

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