sysvol folders empty

By lamczyknic3000 ·
I have two domain controllers...a1(server 2k) and a2(server 2k3. Both sysvol folders are empty, no scripts are located within, only more folders that are also empty. I would like to know if this is the reason why I am having login issues when one of the domain controllers goes down, and I would like to know if anyone knows of a good manual or website that explains how to create a logon scripts for roaming profiles.

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their requied

by CG IT In reply to sysvol folders empty

the sysvol and netlogon share folders are necessary for logon.

BUT, if you have 2 DCs but only 1 global catalog server role on 1 of them, if that goes down, users won't be able to log in. A Global Catalog is required so make both DCs have the Global Catalog role for redundancy.

Go to microsoft technet and read their white papers for operations and deployment or microsoft help and support and browse the KB articles for logon scripting. MS also has Feed just on scripting so you might want to check those out. Techrepublic also has some articles on scripting.

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not helpful

by lamczyknic3000 In reply to their requied

in the network field if you are using a microsoft product then the first place to look for help is the microsoft website. Telling me to start my search there is not helpful to me what so ever.

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I have found

by JagreNET In reply to not helpful

that the Help file had a really easy to understand description of setting up and using Roaming Profiles. I tried it .. and it worked for me. However, I cannot comment on the scripting of such. Good luck with that one, and please post your findings.

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