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T-1 Alternative

By Sitizn Wille ·
I would like some information on t-1 alternatives. We currently have 4 t-1's and it is very expensive. I am looking for a few ideas for an alternative method. All current t-1's span close to 100 miles each and i am in a rural area so my options are going to be limited.
I have been doing some research on microwave, but that seems to be as much or more than the t-1's we have in place now.
If anyone has any ideas that would be more cost effective i would greatly appreciate it!!
Has to be reliable/security is a must.
Sitizn Willie

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Price will depend on provider

by Cactus Pete In reply to T-1 Alternative

Does your current provider offer fraction of a T-3? Any competitor looking to steal your business?

Over that distance, speed and reliability being a must, I don't think you can expect a much better price unless you've been continuing a poorly negotiated rate...

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reduce T1 price

by afram In reply to T-1 Alternative

Whenever the the T1 contract is about up, I get a quote from everyone I can and show the lowest price to the current provider and say, "match this quote or I'll switch". They always match the quote and I don't have to go through the trouble of switching providers.

Good way to cut some expense.

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Frame relay

by jdclyde In reply to T-1 Alternative

We switched off our 3 T1's onto a frame relay and had huge savings. We took it a step further and did VoIP and saved even more.

We save over 100K a year between line costs and phones.

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by Sitizn Wille In reply to Frame relay

Only have one provider here, but go through a third party to get our t-1's they seem to be able to get a better price. But still have to go through the same provider.

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Frame Relay often uses T's anyway...

by TomSal In reply to Frame relay

Keep in mind that Frame Relay is a packet-switching protocol, not a medium interface like T1 or ISDN. In the United States the most common medium interface used with the Frame Relay protocol is in fact T-1 and T-3 lines. Other interfaces can be used, but T's are the most popular...for example I've heard of ISDN frame relays (personally all the frame relays I've ever directly worked with or used were multiple T-1's).

So make sure you ask what "kind" of Frame Relay they offer.

Prices will vary.

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My frame is 2 T1's

by jdclyde In reply to Frame Relay often uses T' ...

But because it is frame instead of the straight leased lines, the cost is MUCH less.

ISDN is more expensive than the straight T1's and slower. Use them only as a last resort!

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Agreed..Frame is more efficient..good choice.

by TomSal In reply to My frame is 2 T1's

Yes we have 2 t's as well with frame, then we have a third which is straight (its voice only).

ISDN -- I was never a huge fan of.

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by Jaqui In reply to T-1 Alternative

I guess using ssh and vnc isn't an option.
then it's just local inet access to pay for.
( for speed would need high speed access )
but it would be secure, and definately cheaper than dedicated t1 lines.

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by glyall In reply to T-1 Alternative

If you got 4 -T1's are you paying for the full T1 for each?
sometimes the provider does sell off some of the T1 line that you are paying for to other users.
check and see if they are doing it to you.

With 4 - T1 lines I think they are.

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Did you ever analyze your bandwidth requirements?

by TomSal In reply to T-1 Alternative

Note I said "requirements", not what you would like to have -- what is REQUIRED to get the work done you need to get done?

Over a period of I'd say no less than 2 normal working weeks; but 1 month would be best, log all bandwidth utilization on all the lines.

Find out if you are wasting the full 4-t's. If you are why pay for the extra bandwith?

Don't pay for 4 full t's if 2 fulls and one fractional will suffice.

Also are you paying for dedicated bandwidth (fulltime/full bandwidth) on each t or do you have one of those "burstable" plans (where you pay only for the bandwidth used).

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