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    T-1 line and drops are setup, now what?


    by tamperproof2001 ·

    I feel like a dummy, but it’s been to long. I have a T-1 line and the drops, now I need to know what to do next. What hardware to hook-up to the T-1 line that will be used mainly for Internet access. I have W2K server software to install on a PC and a domain name. How do I get IP addresses to use on a 3 – 5 station network. I do have some W2K server experience for setting up the network.

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      Reply To: T-1 line and drops are setup, now what?

      by curlergirl ·

      In reply to T-1 line and drops are setup, now what?

      You need a T-1 router that has a built-in CSU/DSU so that it can transfer the packets from the T-1 to your Ethernet network. I know Netopia makes them – probably the lowest cost solution I know of, but they’re not cheap. Once you get that, you can use your internal Win2K server as the DHCP server for your network behind the router, and the router will do NAT for you. So, you only need one public IP – which I assume has been provided by the company that provides the T-1 line. If the provisioning co. is not your ISP, then you need to contact your ISP to get your public IP address(es) assigned. Most ISP’s assign a minimum block of 8 (6 usable), but as I said you only need one if you use the NAT capabilities of the router. Hope this helps!

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