T1 or ATT 3 meg DSL

By james773 ·
Moving into an apartment building that has approx 200 units. The building has a dedicated T1 for Internet service. I can sign up through the building for $30/month OR I can get 3 meg ADSL service through ATT for about the same. My question is what would be the best option? I'm thinking that I'd get better bandwidth from a 3 meg DSL line vs a shared T1 coming in at 1.5 meg. Any advice would be appreciated!

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I'd agree with you.

by cmiller5400 In reply to T1 or ATT 3 meg DSL

The T1 is going to be shared bandwith. If everyone used it, the pipe would be clogged to high heaven. I'd go with the DSL... It isn't shared bandwith.

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DSL big advantage

by mjd420nova In reply to T1 or ATT 3 meg DSL

DSL would be the way to go. I can't imagine how slow that T1 would get in the evenings when even half of the 200 units would be trying to use it.

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get yer own bandwith

by computechdan In reply to T1 or ATT 3 meg DSL

the only advantage t1 has over 3mb dsl is in upload speed, but this would be negated by sharing with so many others, not to mention the potential security risks u may be exposed to by being connected to a network in the building

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