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    by fairydustfly19 ·

    I am doing a project in my Windows 2003 Server class. I need to know how much 3 T1 lines cost? Can I get the line through a telephone company?

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      The cost and availability of T-1 data lines would vary depending on your area. Call the local phone company in your area and tell them you are pricing 3 T-1 data lines.

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      by tomsal ·

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      I suggest a google search to get estimates if you need them, prices do vary greatly depending on geographical area you are in and the market.

      Here our ISP offers us full T1’s for about $200-$240 per month.

      But consider another thing like with us, we get heavy discounts because we purchase a lot of value added services from our ISP as well.

      But yes you can order them through phone companies also (Verizon, ATT, etc)

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