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T21 Laptop

By jb7999 ·
I have a T21 laptop. Recently, an error popped up that stated "Error 0175: Bad CRC1, Stop post task". Is this fixable without changing the motherboard?

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by mjd420nova In reply to T21 Laptop

Sounds like a memory problem. CRC refers to
"cyclic redundancy check" its a way for the hardware to check itself when putting in or
taking data out of memory. Stop post task means that it has to be a failure of memory in the
first 64k of the memory. That's the area where the BIOS is loaded on boot up.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to T21 Laptop

The above is perfectly correct but there is only one thing you need to watch out for. You'll need to get the right type of replacement Memory. First try removing the existing RAM and looking at the contact surfaces if they are all corroded you can try cleaning them up and remember the socket/s as well.

But if they look OK you'll have to replace the RAM and you need to look at the manual that came with the LT so you buy the right size RAM. Currently RAM for LT's comers up to 1 GIG per Stick but it is very unlikely that your LT will be able to map anything this big so you need to buy no bigger than the unit can use.


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by willcomp In reply to T21 Laptop

When a BIOS loads, one of the first things it does is uncompress the BIOS software to the first 64K of RAM. Then it performs a CRC check to ensure BIOS was loaded properly.

CRC failure means that copy does not match stored CRC value either due to a faulty BIOS or faulty RAM.

So it could be either the stored, compressed BIOS or memory that is at fault. Usual fixes are to flash BIOS or replace RAM depending on which is the culprit. I'd start with RAM. Replace or test in another notebook using memtest86 or equivalent.


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by willcomp In reply to

After reading Fizzoid's response, appears that BIOS chip itself is likely cause.

I would still try to flash BIOS before replacing motherboard.

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by Fizzoid In reply to T21 Laptop

It's an EEPROM error on your motherboard. I had exactly the same issus on my T20, and had to replace the mainboard. You can confirm the error code here:

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