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    I’m trying to create a table of contents in Word XP, using Heading 1 as my Level 1 style – simple enough but my Heading 1 numbered headings are actually placed inside the page header. This seems to disable the Outlining toolbar and I can’t make it create the TOC. Does anyone know how to do this? I can’t believe Word won’t do it! Help… thanks, Vicky.

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      Hello Vicky…

      Sorry. In MS Word you cannot automatically generate a table of contents based on “heading text” entries that reside in the “page header” or “footer”.

      If you want the “Heading 1” text to appear in the “page header”, do the following:
      1. Create a “Heading 1” text in the body of the document.
      2. Open the “Page Header”: View->Header & Footer.
      3. Click in the place you want the “Heading 1” text to appear in the “Page Header”.
      4. Choose Insert->Cross Reference.
      5. In the dialog, choose a “Reference type” of “Heading”, set “Insert reference of” to “Heading Text”, choose the appropriate text from “For which heading”, and click OK.

      This creates a permanent cross-reference to your “Heading 1” text in the “Page Header”. If you change the “Heading 1” text, it will automatically change in the “Page Header” also.

      As you probably know, to create a table of contents, click on the place where you want to put it, choose Insert->Index & Tables, choose the style of Table of Contents you want, and click OK.

      Did this help?

      —–Steve Jackson

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