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Table to linier

By Navjun ·
I have a table in excel that I like to convert to lienier in excel , let me be more clear.
I have colums that are days of the month and then rows that are name of each month and the were they meet are the time of sun set/rise or both
Jan Feb March
1 6 6:10 6:15
2 6:02 ... ...
3 6:03 ... ..
4 ... .... ...

and so on
I like to make them linier
as follows
One cooulum holding the date and one the time
Date rise set
jan 1 6:00 ...
jan 2 6:02 ...

and so on

please help

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by Navjun In reply to Table to linier

If this can be done by MS Access its also fine.


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by dryflies In reply to Table to linier

DOM Jan Feb March
1 6 6:10 6:15
2 6:02 ... ...
3 6:03 ... ..
Add DOM for day of month. create an empty table (linear)with three fields, month, DOM, <data>.
create a delete query that empties the table.
Create a query for each month to get the data for that month: SELECT [DOM],[jan] from TABLE. that is the basic syntax it is easier to do with the designer. Make them all append queries to append into "linear" next create a macro that calls first the delete query and then each of the month queries in turn using the openquery command.

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