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I am a travelling sales person, and I have a form which i fill and send to my office to excute,
i am thinking of buying a lightweight laptop or tablet, which would you recommend to use
for installing my excell fil eprogram, so i can type on the form and email, will this work on a tablet?
I like to use microsoft 7 and dont like touch screen.
Any help out there please?

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Well it all depends but as you specified Excel you are limited

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to tablet or laptop

To something that runs Excel so that's not a iPad or Droid but a Microsoft Surface which is sort of part way between both a Tablet and Notebook.

As they have their own keyboard it will work for your needs and even though you can use the On Screen keyboard it's downright painful for anything but the most basic forms. My personal gripe with all tablets is the On Screen Keyboard. It's downright painful to use and far more complicated than what it needs to be.

I've attempted to use both a iPad and Droid made by Samsung and I've given both away as I need to enter data not just consume data and the On-screen Keyboards I personally find almost useless to use. I got a Blue Tooth Keyboard for the iPad and while it was a massive improvement it was also very small and caused it's own problems but over all was a vast improvement for my needs.

Though once I was using the Keyboard the reason for needing a Tablet disappeared and I eventually went back to a Notebook which is one piece and I didn't need to juggle the Display and keyboard to enter the data I needed to. Same with the Samsung it was nice to use once I had got a keyboard which really defeated the purpose of having a Tablet/Slate to begin with. There was also the matter of needing to carry the chargers and leads along with the Tablet and Keyboard so overall I was better off with a Notebook.

But that is just me and my needs you may be different though those On-screen Keyboards where the downfall of the Tablets with everyone that I spoke to as they caused problems with anything but the most basic work and several people constantly complained that they lost all of what they entered quite often when they pressed the wrong part of the screen accidentally. Not a problem with 2 words but a real pain in the posterior if there where more than a few paragraphs as a reply to a e mail.


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