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Tablet PC - End of Keyboard Era??

By jovial ·
A special version of Microsoft's Windows XP, the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition was launched in Singapore on 7th November 2002. Looking into the features offered, I can't help but to ponder- is this the end of the keyboard empire?

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Doubt It

by TheChas In reply to Tablet PC - End of Keyboa ...

People thought that the PALM and the Newton would eliminate the need for keyboards. However, the interfaces just were not good (fast) enough for the average users.

Look at the proliferation of Keyboard like devices for the PALM.

I even saw a virtual keyboard that projects onto a desktop, and makes entries based on your finger movements.


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Funny Thing

by TheChas In reply to Doubt It

Only 1 of the 6 "Tablet" PCs in Cnets review did not have a built-in keyboard!

This looks like the next evolution in the notebook size reduction wars.


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Stupid QWERTY Keyboards!

by admin In reply to Tablet PC - End of Keyboa ...

The QWERTY Keyboard was actually invented to SLOW peoples typing speeds down! In the early days of typewriters the mechanisms would jam if people went too fast so the manufacturers went to a keyboard that wasn't so fast in certain ways that made it jam less..... it caught on and now we still have the rotten things! AAAaaaargh!! I hope they go away soon! But... then again, I've become pretty dependant on mine the way it is... it would be hard to change now... Oh Well! :^)

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by andrew.mizzi In reply to Tablet PC - End of Keyboa ...

Just as the pda isn't a replacement of the computer or laptop, the tablet PC won't be the replacement of the desktop unless it has a inbuilt keyboard, external keyboard or anything similar.

Each device is built to fulfil a purpose, and the purpose of a tablet isn't for the 9-5 full time computer use. It is for meetings, note taking and the like.

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