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Tablets, Clouds... the I.T. world is just going round and round.

By anuadewuyi ·
Why the change and fuss about tablets? Mobility? or sheer entertainment? What actually made the corporate business world to turn to the PC for information processing? So in light of that, do you think tablets would make the job of information processing easier? With all the big server farms accessed by PCs, along with their memory and processing requirements, will tablets be able to FULLY replace PCs? "Yes, that's why we're having the Cloud." OK.
Now to the cloud, with all the big data centers big companies have and all the I.T. support companies offering ERP solutions and the like, what's all the fuss about the cloud? To me, it's just like moving the data centers from one place to another, the destination being called the cloud.
There will end up being more cloud providers (possibly all the current business suite and ERP providers will end up becoming cloud providers). Or is the whole thing about more money for the I.T. world? Less cost in hardware and tailored business suites, but more cost in online (cloud) deployment, network access, data storage and guess what? It's going to be on a rental basis. Do you know what it feels like being a tenant? It seems cheaper at first sight but you remain a perpetual slave, paying every year through your nose.. or anywhere else.
Or what do you think?

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