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Take proactive steps to ensure thoroughness

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Application Developer Management e-newsletter discusses the importance of thoroughness and outlines some of the problems IT departments can face when oversights occur.

Does your organization take proactive measures to counter and/or prevent oversights? How could your IT team be more thorough? Please let us know.

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by cpr In reply to Take proactive steps to e ...

Hind-sight is great - too bad it can't be placed infront of a project (pre hind-sight?). Each project has its own set of parameters, etc. which makes 'thoroughness' a difficult matter.

Companies should learn from their 'mistakes'. I have been involved with applications that had fundamental weaknesses, but were not discovered until well into the project.

I helped develop a check-list of items to assist in identifying missing crucial pieces of a project. Depending on the application area (Finance, Manufacturing, etc.), there were slight variations, but as we discovered ommissions, they were added to the appropriate check-list. Hopefully, ommissions were not repeated and developers were given the benefit of a broad base of experience. Our check-lists covered items such as legal responsibility, ethical and moral issues, environmental challenges, etc.

Our intent for these lists was three fold, alert developers to 'hidden' issues, avoid solving the same issues again, and provide sample options for resolving these issues.

It wasn't perfect, but it did help.

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