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Taken pre-employment personality tests?

By astrobuddy ·
I'm a writer for IT Recruiter ( and am writing an article on pre-employment personality/psychology tests for IT candidates--the good, bad and ugly. Has anyone out there taken one of these? What was your reaction to it? Do you think itwas fair? Or a waste of time? I'd love to talk with or exchange e-mails with anyone who has experience with these tests.


Susan Sanderson

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I Have Taken

by SheilaU In reply to Taken pre-employment pers ...

I had to take these tests twice. The first was for a financial investment firm, and the other for my current employer. I personally thought it was a waste of time, because some areas were completely biased based on my mood that day. However, someof the core stuff was dead on in both tests. So, I guess they are valuable to some employers who care about those areas of the personality. If you wish to know more, feel free to email me - (personal email)

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Waste of time.

by stevencarter In reply to Taken pre-employment pers ...

I took a pre-employment personality test at another employer, but I didn't answer the questions they way I actually felt. I answered them they way I thought they would want them answered.

This past employer (one of the worlds largest petrolium refiners) was very concerned about theft and industrial spys. I got the job, but I'm a hacker at heart. Hacker not in a bad way, I wouldn't ever sell or leak secrets, but could I get into places on the network they didn't want me in? Sure.
I was just curious.

If I was out looking for a new job a recruiter asked me to take one. I would find a different recruiter.

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Mixed feelings

by Mouse In reply to Taken pre-employment pers ...

We actually took a lot of these tests as part of a company wide team building and individual growth workshop. It was interesting to clarify who were truly introverts and who were not. In addition I think it helped the communication in the office. Onthe other hand I pretty much knew what I found out.

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Mixed results

by Questor_Elf In reply to Taken pre-employment pers ...

Most of these tests are some variant of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which some of us take in college, career counseling, or even online.

Like any tool, I've seen it used and abused. To help team members understand more than 1 way applies toseeing the world, it's been great.

But other times some have stated, "We can't hire any of those ESTJ's. They're too stiff!" In another place, people were forced to wear their personality type at work on a tag. While at first it seemed good toknow different ways exist, it later degraded when you'd hear comments like "We can't have John on our team. He's introverted and will never speak up."

When I'm asked to submit to one of these, I just tell people I'm one of those crazy ENFP's.

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