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    Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!


    by intel inside me ·

    I have a Compaq Deskpro, I had to do a os reinstall, and be for this the compaq logo would stay less than 3 secands, but after the install, it takes about 2 minutes to load and show the logo. What can I do to make it go fast?

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      Reply To: Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      You take it to the local computer store and have them figure out:

      A: What is really wrong with the system.

      B: What you incorrectly configured.

      That can be the only answer as you’ve not provided us with enough information to resolve the issue.

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      Reply To: Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      by kiltie ·

      In reply to Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      So you are 12 years old, built your own computer running Vista and describe yourself as a “General Hacker”?

      I suspect you have gotten out of your depth, I agree with the first answer, take it to a store and have them figure it out, you haven’t given enough info here for anyone to help you.

      Is this your first XP install? was it a repair install, hot one, or clean one from a Systems CD? Or was it a restore from an OEM restore disk? (in that case you may have loaded lots of useless “extras” that they love sticking on them)

      Last point, you may have picked up some “nasties”, if you visit hacking sites a lot, downloading their stuff, they are rife with viruses etc, which is my guess why you “had to” do a reinstall

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        Reply To: Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

        by intel inside me ·

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        No this is not my first install, i had over 50 install in about 5 years. I just upgraged windows xp home to pro. and plus i just installed it had to do a restart and this stared.

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      Reply To: Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      by pierrejamme ·

      In reply to Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      Several things can slow a computer down when booting. here are a few things to try:
      1. Look in Device manager for yellow Exclamation Points. Correct if found.
      2. run msinfo32.exe and look for Conflicts, Forced Hardware, Memory Status, IRQ Status (all should say OK)
      3. Run SFC /Scannow and have your cd handy
      4. Run Spy Bot Search & Destroy 1.4(fully updated) and Adaware Personal SE 1.06(fully updated) Remove everything they fond.
      5. Clean out your temporary files.
      6. Run checkdisk and defrag.
      7. disconnect the CD ROm and reboot. A bad CD ROM or filing can really slow down a computer.
      8. Download a hard drive diag from the manufacturer, such as Maxtors PowerMax if it were a Maxtor hard drive.
      9. Reset your BIOS to defaults.

      You didn’t say what kind of Deskpro or how much RAM, I always inssit on 512MB or more for XP pro. Since you have installed over 50 computers you probably know all the above.

      You didn’t mention if it was on a network, if so check network settings and make sure that the workstation is not looking for old or missing links to servers and printers or old IP numbers.
      If you still have a problem report back and we will see if we can help. more info is always good.

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      Reply To: Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      by donmars ·

      In reply to Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      Diregard the two funny guys (clowns) with the kiddie jokes/answers, it means they have no clue and prefer to waste print space with empty advice, the two following your question. If the Compaq logo is still displayed while it is taking toooo long then the thing is not even loading windows yet, it is still doing BIOS stuff, more than likely checking memory. Go into BIOS setup and enable quick boot or whatever it’s called in your BIOS. In other words disable all that unnecessary P.O.S.T. stuff.

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      Reply To: Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      by borginva ·

      In reply to Takes TOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!

      Also, download the latest known version of BootVIs from and see what is going on. First do a trace. Then trace and drivers. Maybe then do an optimize.

      Along with Spybot to see what is booting up with your PC, use these:

      Use RUN and type MSCONFIG and then hit ENTER

      Startup Monitor

      StartupRun v1.22


      What’s Running 2.1.1
      Quick Access InfoBar
      Win Tasks Pro

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