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    Taking of encryption


    by pkak1978 ·

    I have been denied access to a the files
    in two folders on my notebook, I am running windows 2000 O/S with SP4. Anytime I try opening any of them I am told I donot have access privileges or that the document is either encrypted or read only. I have checked on the properties of these files and have realised the are all encrypted, If I tick of the encrypt content to secure data and ok / apply I get the following message

    an error occurred applying attributes to the file,
    file path and name
    then access denied
    with the following options to choose from
    Ignore Ignore all retry cancel
    non of these options solves the problem,
    These are my files and I have logged on this notebook with administrator rights.
    Can someone please help me gain access to these file.

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      Reply To: Taking of encryption

      by bobho ·

      In reply to Taking of encryption

      Check out this link on encryption, what you can do as an administrator and how to determine who is the owner of the encypted file:’s_efs.htm



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      Reply To: Taking of encryption

      by asjwm2 ·

      In reply to Taking of encryption

      You may have gotten an automatic download that updates the encryption standard, which may be different from the one the files were encrypted with.
      You could try “MyComputer, C drive” and then look at the entries. If there is more than one, such as “administrator, AllUsers, Johnny, UserName,” etc. then try all of them before looking up the file.
      The system may label the files differently according to some standard. So if you look at other folders than “administrator,” the permissions are changed. However, if your root directory in C drive only has “administrator,” then you could try transferring the file to a new folder…
      Or, you could try “properties” of the file and change them to “archive” or other options. For the last resort, do “help, encryption.”
      But I suspect that “MyComputer, C drive,” will reveal the problem as one that is a matter of which folder (and which permissions) does the file reside in ?
      Otherwise, email the file to yourself.

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