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Taking the Certifications Test

By nbuchannon4 ·
I have been studying for the Windows 2000 professional test for about a year now. I am currently working in a MIS department and have been here for the last 2 years. I have seen many books(Sybex, Windows 2000 training kit + resource kit). I have also purchased the Transcenders as well as the Troy test CD. I am not sure if I am intimidated or if I even know enough to take the test. I just need some heads up on a true study strategy as oppose to jumping around on. What I mean is, what am I to expect, what should I really key in on, and what is the best study strategy?

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Cram Away

by 14ME24U In reply to Taking the Certifications ...

I have 2 Microsoft Certifications and if you are getting 100% on the Transcenders without memorizing the answers(meaning you actually understand the questions and know why you need to answer them the way you do) you are ready. I found you must writethe Exam before you move on to another one or you wont do as well because it wont be fresh in your mind. They are designed to be tough for a reason. Not everyone can pass first time around. I met guys that had written the Windows 95 Exam (4 years ago) 10 times and still couldnt pass it. Personally I think you can overkill for study. If you knowe the stuff well jsut book off a week..spend it with your nose in the books and take the leap. Good Luck!

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The hardest part...

by ghstinshll In reply to Taking the Certifications ...

It's safe to say that you probably don't have enough time in the day to fit in any good study time at work and don't give yourself enough structure at home to study for this? We all do it. that's the hardest part in studying for an exam is putting yourself in a mind set that only allows for that test, studying for it, knowing it all, and practicing for it with transcenders.

You're taking the right path (for someone who has a technical background), so just grind it out. Keep taking those transcenders for practice while you read the exam cram book for professional, and within a 2 week time you'll be done with both ad ready to take the test. Go ahead and schedule the test for a month from now, and then gear yourself up for it. Not everything, but nearly every activity and decision you make in the next month will affect how well you prepared for the test, so stay focused, that's the hardest part! We're all there every time we decide to prep for another test.

Just stay focused and schedule it in advance so you give yourself the pressure to get it done! You'll do fine.

Jason Williamson

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You should be ready

by bswoltz In reply to The hardest part...

If you are passing the Transcenders with ease,
buy the exam cram book and review. Take as many practice tests as you can and when you're passing them all at 80% or higher, YOUR READY!

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