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Taking the next step...

By Matte Kudasai ·
Here's a little background on myself before I get to my question: I received a technical degree in support earlier this year. I got my first IT job last September, and did what amounts to Level I and II work for six months (basic phone support, some network troubleshooting, etc.). I was laid off from that job (telecom industry, go figure) but quickly found work elsewhere. So for the last 4 months, I've been doing mostly phone support for remote users. After a few weeks on the desk I was "promoted" to a position where I support people utilizing broadband.

While I am happy enough at my current job, I am thinking of the future. There really is not much room to advance in my current job (I have no desire to be a supervisor or manager at this point). I am looking to move onto Level II next, and then possibly some kind of junior network admin role. I do not want to get stuck in Level I phone support forever, but I realize the importance of paying my dues.

My question is this -what do I need to do in order to be able to go to the next level in my career? More schooling? More experience? Maybe some certifications?

Thanks in advance...

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by road-dog In reply to Taking the next step...

Grab Certs as time and money permit. If you like admin, then schmooze the admins where you work. I'm sure that they can use the help on occasion. If they are pulling an off shift job, offer to help. You will be the "go to guy" if a slot opens up dueto attrition or expansion.

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I'm going for a few certs first

by Matte Kudasai In reply to Both

I decided that the quickest thing for me to do would be to get some certification. To that end, I plan on taking the A+ exam within the next few months...

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When you find out let me know...

by kp288 In reply to Taking the next step...

I've been in Systems Administration/Desktop/User Support for 10 years; eight of those years I've been trying to get into network infrastructure support. In the last year I attained a CNE and a CCNA, hoping that would get me "over-the-hump". So far no luck...

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