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    Talking viruses; What’s next?


    by Bill Detwiler ·

    The Amus worm uses the Windows Speech Engine, embedded on Windows XP, to play an audio message. To the best of my knowledge this is the first virus to exploit the Windows Speech Engine. Now that the word is out what’s next, viruses that scream obscenities or play threatening videos?

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      I heard a prank program that makes farty noises

      by admin ·

      In reply to Talking viruses; What’s next?

      I heard a prank program that makes farty noises via the PC speaker. I imagine that is not far off in the distant realm of virii possibility.

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      Absolute no privacy

      by black panther ·

      In reply to Talking viruses; What’s next?

      Next and already here a generation of spyware viruses – capable of turning your web cam on – downloading video and posting it on the net without you knowing.

      Profiling a history of all your computer usage, your shopping habits, your bank account details and information.

      Listening to phone conversations on your broadband connection.

      Nothing is sacred.

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      Burn the toast

      by wordworker ·

      In reply to Talking viruses; What’s next?

      When PCs are connected to our kitchens, they’ll swap the “high” and “low” settings on our toasters and ovens and we won’t be able to cook anything!

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        The danger of interconnectivity

        by Bill Detwiler ·

        In reply to Burn the toast

        That’s always been a serious concern with the concept of total interconnectivity. Allowing a single system to manage, or even have access to, ‘all’ of your systems creates an opportunity for a small problem to cause a great amount of chaos. I’ll keep my toaster and PC separate thank you.

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      100,000 and counting

      by Mark W. Kaelin ·

      In reply to Talking viruses; What’s next?

      With the advent of bots among the virus creating cretins of the world, the number of malicious threats has moved past the 100,000 milestone. This is a tragic occurrence for the rest of us who are just tying to get some work done.

      [b]What is your strategy of protecting your organization from malicious threats? How much time per week, month or year do you spend fending off these attacks?[/b]

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