Tandy 1000SL Controller for 2GB Hard Drive?

By Tom Vilov ·
Need help identifying HD contoller card for a newly acquired Tandy 1000SL computer with a 2GB Maxtor 7204RP hard drive that is missing controller card. Hard drive has Windows 95. I did not think the computer would work with a 2GB hard drive or work with Win95. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on a controller card.

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Well if the unit is working

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Tandy 1000SL Controller f ...

Belarc Adviser would be the best bet


it is fairly common to Fit a PCI HDD Controller Card to fit new bigger HDD's I was using a 4 Gig Drive back in the 486 Days on a M'Board that didn't support IDE Drives bigger than 500 MEG.

You just have to installer the Controller Cards Driver before you install the OS. So when the First Blue Screen Appears press the F6 Key and wait till prompted and then Insert a Floppy into Drive A with the Controller Cards Driver copied to it's Root and press Enter.


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by mike In reply to Tandy 1000SL Controller f ...

why in the world would you want to use a dinosaur like this and just what do you think you can do with win95? The contraints of todays software would preempt you from running 99% of the software out there. Unless you are going to use this box as a controller for some old energy management console or process controller... couldn't understand why one would even want to restore a machine like this. Also - to identify a driver, downlaod something like driver detective or driver finmder and let it scan the system. It will tell you what is on the system and tehn you could identify your obsolete parts that probably aren't available or are so expensive you could buy a new pc inplace. You can get a new pc for 3-400 at alsmost any tigfer direct outlet, sams or costco club online

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some folks

by PurpleSkys In reply to why?

just like to see if they can make it go...regardless of how old they are...kinda like a hobby i suppose :)

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Why? - Try running 'Privateer II' on your modern PC ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to why?

You'll be collecting your pension and still be trying to get it to run.

Some folk just enjoy running ancient equipment for the **** of it, and to run the odd GEM of a game that will not boot on modern gear. Period.

Wish I had access to an old box to solely run Win95 on.

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to why?

Well because it may be necessary for starters.

There are many Specialist's Applications in Business away from the Mainstream applications that require Legacy Apps and hardware to run.

I have one customer that still uses DOS and it's not possible to replace that Box because it's not a computer but a Computer Controller for some very heavy equipment that is used in the production of Electrical Generation Equipment. OH and the Equipment is now getting old it's close to 3 years old now but will be in service for another 10 years. At Least.

The reason for this is that to replace it they need to remove everything from the shop floor and replace it with new equipment only takes about 6 to 8 months to get the new equipment into place and then anything up to 4 months to get it working the way that it's supposed to. So they need to factor in a year of very little to no production to replace the equipment on the Production Room Floor. That stuff is still using Token Ring Networking and it works quite well.

Besides you don't try to move Armature Winders and 40 Foot bed Lathes all that often if you have any brains they are just big and cumbersome and require a lot of time and effort to move 3 inches let alone any further.

OH did I mention that they are also Very Expensive? Things like that cost several Million to just order and then about as much again to transport from their makers. When they arrive they have to be stored and then when the Shop Floor is cleared they need to be installed into their locations for Production which requires about as much again to set up properly. So the Transport & Setup of this equipment generally costs very close to 200% of it's purchase price and the loss of production while it is installed is considerably more so it's hardly any wonder why it is expected to live in it's working environment for 15 years before being replaced. What they make are also quite expensive.


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Reply to Why!

by Tom Vilov In reply to WHY?

I just wanted to see if I could get the old clunker to work. It turns out that 20MB and 40MB Hard Cards were sold that would work in the computer. To my knowledge there is no way a 2GB drive could be made to work -so it was a dumb question to ask. I was just curious after finding a 2GB drive in the unit.

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Maybe a 2 GIG HDD could work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reply to Why!

All you need is a Controller Card that suits your M'Board and the HDD Size that you want to use.

Back in the 486 Days I regularly ran 2.4 GIG HDD on M'Boards that where limited to something like 500 MEG HDD Sizes.

I used a Promise Technology IDE Controller Card that plugged into a ISA or Vesa Socket but if you have a PCI Socket on the M'Board almost any of the new PCI Controller Cards should work.

The ISA and VESA ones though are a far more difficult ask as you would have to hunt around Second Hand sources but on the up side they should be very cheap.

I still remember the first PC that I bought a 66 MHZ 486 and I ordered a 500 MEG HDD which the shop refused to sell me as they claimed that it was Unfillable. I also had problems with getting the 8 X 16 MEG RAM Modules as at the time no one carried them as they where way too Expensive. Besides using 8 MEG of RAM was way over the top back in those days and the Video Cards where measured in very small numbers when it came to colors that they could display.


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