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Tape backup in WindowsXP

By gregoryep ·
I've got a Seagate travan tape drive, and want to do daily backups on the PC. I'm having a hard time understanding Media Pools, formating tapes, and renaming them. I've go two tapes named 000001, one named with a date, and can't seem to get this to work right. There dosen't seem to be any way to rename the tapes, or reformat them. I've add them to the Free Media pool and set the properties on the pool so the drive will draw from this pool. The windows help is sketchy at best, and I'm lost. Can anyone help me set up daily backups, and rename - format procedures?

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Tape backup in WindowsXP

by MPTechOnline In reply to Tape backup in WindowsXP

Just a thought.....

I would gander that you received the CD with the Seagate Drive since I have installed one of these before. Basically the Seagate CD had a simple program that would handle creating backups, formatting, creating Media Pools and such, much like other software out there such as ArcServ. Anyway, use the Seagate software to run your backups and that should work for you.

Media Pool - This is related to the tapes that you have which are know as media
Formatting - Formatting would be done through the software so that you could format each tape and label them according to your preference.

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Tape backup in WindowsXP

by gregoryep In reply to Tape backup in WindowsXP

I'm using the XP backup program, the HP Software (which came with the drive) was very flaky on Win98. I've used nt backup on similar drives without a problem. The Travan drive is three years old, and want to use the XP backup program. It recognizes the drive and media, but seems complicated to use.

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