Tape backup not working correctly

By karlm25 ·

I just got a contract for a small firm to keep their network, machines and backup running. Im assuming this is where the last guy failed - the tape backup fails every now and again due to the RSM service not running. They use a program called Backup Assist along with a HP DAT72 drive (drive works fine by the way, firmware, etc is all updated) and interestingly the program has an option to force-start the RSM service if its not running.
After a week of keeping an eye on this, two days worked fine, then for no reason whatsoever the RSM service has become set to 'disabled' causing the backup to automatically fail. Looking at all the settings for the software and server, everything is how it should be so why is this happening? Im at a complete loss!

Cheers in advance.

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Check this link

by Jacky Howe In reply to Tape backup not working c ...

You could always run a script, or a batch file, to stop and start the service, before the Backup.

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Manual instigation has always been the best practice ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Tape backup not working c ...

Almost every single network that I have ever serviced under contract, has always benefited from having the backup run from a simple batch file, as opposed to relying on the 'automated' option.

Put simply, I never trusted them and in the majority of cases I was right not to.

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