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Tape backup solution

By mg_roberts ·
What is the best tape backup solution for a small business, 15-30 employees, approx 250gb worth of backup data?

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by Choppit In reply to Tape backup solution

It's not so much a question of the number of employees, but more about frequency, transfer method and the size of your backup window. The HP Ultrium drives offer that sort of capacity, but theres also the possibility of using an autoloader or backing up to disk.

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by mg_roberts In reply to Backup

We will probably be doing backups about twice a month, we already backup the servers to onsite network storage, but we would like to have an inexpesive way to have some offsite backups. We have about 30 gigs to backup from one server, and two servers with about 60 gigs each.

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Forget tapes

by stress junkie In reply to Tape backup solution

The cost of external USB drives is so low that they will cost much less than a tape drive and all of the tapes that you will need. Tape drives are extremely expensive. Even the tape media is expensive. Yet when tape backups were invented it was supposed to be a low cost solution. The tradeoff was to save money at the expense of speed. These days people are so programmed to use tape for backups that the tape manufacturers charge huge amounts of money for the drives and media. People don't even think about using something else. It seems to me that tapes don't make any sense at all.

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Tapes still have a place in life ...

by DaedalusMgmt In reply to Forget tapes

1) They're easy to store in an off-site fireproof safe or deposit box.
2) Yes, the media can be expensive depending on which solution you choose - LTO3 tapes can be $100/each but they hold 400GB natively.
3) Depending on your backup rotation scheme, its much easier to have a 2-week rotation of backup tapes (one tape for each day of the 14-day period) than it would be to have 14 external drives or NAS devices.
4) For a small business as the OP describes, its entirely possible to back up all of their existing data on a nightly basis on a single tape - and that's a full backup, not incremental.

Now, as Stress points out, you'd really have to identify your needs, how you'll handle your backups, what your disaster recovery plan would be, etc before deciding on which way to go. Stress is quite right in that tape drive systems can be an expensive initial capital outlay compared to a NAS device or something like that. But depending on how you want to operate, tapes may be a better long-term fit.

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Tape Backup

by mjd420nova In reply to Tape backup solution

Regardless of what type tape drive or device
you use, always use a new set of disks and
have another set ready. I back up once a
week and have two complete sets of tapes.
One set I made last saturday morning, and
one set I made a week ago last saturday.
I use the oldest set, that way if and when
the device or tapes fail to verify after
writing them, I still have my most recent
backup intact. The hardware is the most
likely to fail and usually in the verify
after writing a new volume.

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by In reply to Tape backup solution

If you are not going to grow and have a fast pipe you can use services available from some ISPs to backup your data. Outsource it. They have SLAs and a working solution.

If you prefer traditional systems a small library with two drives will allow you to backup data to tape and then copy it to send offsite. SDLT library equipment is cheap and could handle this. LTO equipment can put this on one tape but costs more. I assume you mean 250 on full and then a fraction of that on a differential job nightly.

CA arcserv is simple to use and fairly cheap. Set up a rotation and let it go.

This leaves control of the process in your hands.

You can go Disk to Disk to Tape with a filer device, or use VTL devices but these tend to cost more. Unless you already have a netapp filer or something similar it would be cost prohibitive.

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