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    Tape Drive/NT Backup Problems


    by cphelps ·

    A customer’s NT network is experiencing problems using SBS NT Backup with a Seagate STT8000 8GB Travan Tape on a SCSI controller. The data compression does not work. I’ve tried manually running B/U but the NTBACKUP Backup Information Dialog Box doesn’t allow me to select hardware compression. I’ve tried to run the B/U from the SBS scheduler using a batch file, including the switch /hc:on but the 8 GB tapes only accept 4 GB then request a new tape. I’ve installed the most up-to-date driver downloaded from the Seagate web site. The SCSI ID of the drive is 4. It is properly terminated. The tapes are new.

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      Tape Drive/NT Backup Problems

      by phaak ·

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      Only the NS models support hardware compression. If you have an NS model then I suspect that you do not have the correct driver installed.
      NT Backup does not provide software compression. In order to get software compression you will need to use something other than NT Backup.
      The software that comes with the tape drive (probably Veritas Backup Exec) will provide s/w compression, but will not run on the server, only on a workstation. Your choice is to either buy a server version or to installand run the included version on a workstation.

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