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Tape Drive Trouble

By rkent_it ·
We have a HP Surestore DLT1 - LynxDLT1 External Tape Drive. There are terminators on the SCSI hard drives, and the Tape Drive. On boot-up, the system detects the two SCSI hard drives, but on detecting the Tape Drive, the system freezes, and does not continue the boot sequence. The ID for the Tape Drive is set to 5 as default. What could be the problem? The SCSI card is and Adaptec 21960N Model (Somewhere in that range...) Please Help.

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Tape Drive Trouble

by NTOz In reply to Tape Drive Trouble

SCSI and DLT is a very fast efficient and reliable way to backup. Unfortunately from a trouble shooting standpoint, they can also be very difficult to find whats going on. I have in the past done extensive troubleshooting on these devices through the process of elimination. Since you cannot get past the initilization portion, I would suspect a few things.

1. Your SCSI cable is bad, got kinked or twisted or pulled or something and now is causing problems. - Low

2. Your tape drive has gonebad - medium

3. Your Adaptec card is bad - medium

4. Another device is using ID 5 - High

There are diganostics on your HP that you can read, but in this case, you cant get to them so they dont help.

If you can, try the following.

1. Change the ID of the tape drive to another un-used ID.

2. Check the settings of your Adaptec card, you should be prompted at somepoint during boot up before it scans for scsi devices to go into setup.

3. See if your tape drive will work on another system that is SCSI based, this might be a pain if its an internal SCSI device but would help you isolate the problem.

4. Replace the SCSI cable either internal or external

5. When your tape drive is unpluged from the chain, does your system still boot?

6. Did you recently add a new device to the chain? Is your drive the last device in the chain? If it is, is it termatated properly?

More then likely your DLT was actualy made by quantum and you can check various user groups andknow that something simular might also apply to your situation as HP just puts its name on it, essentialy DLT is DLT and while there are different sizes and version, you might find an answer looking on a compaq site for DLT information as well as HP's. Just an additional point to help you find answers.


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