.tar files and wzunzip

By Bizzo ·
I have a tar file that's been created on an AIX box, it's then FTP'd to a Windows 2000 Server. I now need to unpack this file via a script.

I currently have WinZip 9.0 SR-1 with the command line tools installed (wzcline 1.1).

Running the following command works fine for unpacking zips, but not tars:


It return the message:

<i>End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a Zip file, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part Zip file.</i>

WinZip GUI will unpack the file fine, but not via the commandline.

Am I doing something wrong?
Do I need another switch?
Does the commandline version not support tar files?

I'm thinking it's (but hoping not) the latter, as I cannot find an option to create a tar file using the commandline either.

Any thoughts?


<i>Edit. A little bump, just in case you guys missed it.</i> :-)

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by Bizzo In reply to .tar files and wzunzip

Looks like the edit didn't bump me.
Try again.

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by balge In reply to Well

I don't use Winzip much myself but 7-Zip

- is good - and free! Maybe you could try it instead ?

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by Bizzo In reply to 7-Zip?

Yes, I use that quite often myself, didn't realise they had a commandline version.

Tried it out, and the equivalent commandline for 7zip is:

<b>7za.exe x -aoa %DESTFOLDER%\%FILE1% -o%DESTFOLDER%</b>

Which works great!

Unfortunately, the customer will not allow any unapproved software on their machines. But if I have no other option, they'll have to approve 7zip! Thanks Balge.

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good one!

by balge In reply to 7Zip

sound mate, give em the good news
- I don't think Winzip is very good with .tar - might be wrong but it rings bells...not sure it can even make .tar?
hm just checked, mine does'nt, but I've got 8.1 sr1 though

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Can unpack but not create

by Bizzo In reply to good one!

We use 9.0 SR1, which can read and extract from tar files, but cannot create them. Which is why I thought that the commandline version would as well.

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you would have thought so..

by balge In reply to Can unpack but not create

just thought, 7-Zip works on networks, could you use it remote? :)

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