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'Tarball' unzip and location

By D'anno ·
I'm pretty new to Linux but have (somehow??) successfully downloaded the Java ICQ and Netscape 'tarballs' and think I have at least, 'unzipped' the ICQ files from the .tar.gz file. However, the "Install" executable that was 'unzipped' doesn't execute when clicked and if it did, what directory would be appropriate for installing it to if I wanted ICQ to be available for multiple users on the Linux box??

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'Tarball' unzip and location

by McKayTech In reply to 'Tarball' unzip and locat ...

By convention, files are unzipped right to a directory structure right under wherever the tarball is when you unzip it. I download all tarballs to a directory called /usr/local/src and then when I unzip them, they each have a directory under that (e.g. /usr/local/src/ICQ).

Linux programs do not usually have an install program and a tarball usually has to be compiled first. You generally change to the directory (cd /usr/local/src/ICQ), then run "configure", then "make", then "make install". The alternative would be to use an RPM file and use the RPM manager to install it (this is probably the best approach if an RPM is available for your platform).

The INSTALL "program" is probably a text file that tells you how to install the program. Also look for a README file in the same directory.

Hope this helps you get started.


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'Tarball' unzip and location

by D'anno In reply to 'Tarball' unzip and locat ...

Thanks. I have read the readme and install.txt files in the directory. I need to move the tarball the the /usr/local/src directory and try again. There is a setup file included in which I am to re-type some of the config. lines for my install directory locations. I have a book, now, so may eventually figure it out.

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